Drummer Mike Portnoy Leaves Dream Theater

Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy officially announces he’s quitting the band.

Mike Portnoy's Purple Drumset
Mike Will Only Need A Few Of These Drums Now

   Every live band has a life cycle and many ups and downs along the way. Even one of my personal favorite bands, Dream Theater, has to deal with personnel changes. It’s never fun to lose a band member. Especially one so important to the band. I was extremely surprised and bummed out to learn the Mike Portnoy, drummer and founding member of Dream Theater, has quit the band. 

   It’s a sad day for all Dream Theater fans to lose Mike Portnoy from the Dream Theater family. Mike was a founding member of the band and his father contributed the name Dream Theater to the band’s legacy. But as always, having a member leave gives the band a chance to grow. It seems like every time a member has left Dream Theater the band has come back stronger than before. Maybe they will find a drummer that will just make Mike a distant memory. I hope that Dream Theater continues to write, record and perform because the combination of John Myung, John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess is truly fantastic. James Labrie has grown into a very good singer as well. So here’s to the hope the Dream Theater continues on stronger than ever!    Continue reading “Drummer Mike Portnoy Leaves Dream Theater”

Stewart Copeland Live Drum Recording Of “So Lonely” Mid 80’s

Live video recording of Stewart Copeland performing with The Police in the mid 1980’s.

   This is a live recording of The Police performing the song “So Lonely” during the 1980’s. This clip focuses on the drumming of Stewart Copeland. It’s no secret that The Police are a very high energy live band and this clip is a perfect example of them in their prime.

   What I like about this clip is that it shows just how fast and powerful Stewart’s drumming was back in the 80’s. I saw them on their last reunion tour and he is a much more disciplined and accurate drummer now. But, there is a fantastic energy to his drumming in this clip. It may not be the most accurate but it’s incredibly full of raw power and drive. That’s what makes live rock-n-roll so much fun is when that energy is spilling from the stage.

   I hope you enjoy this classic clip of The Police and their fabulous drummer, Stewart Copeland.    Continue reading “Stewart Copeland Live Drum Recording Of “So Lonely” Mid 80’s”

Joe Morello Drum Solo Circa 1961

Video of top Jazz drummer Joe Morello playing a very fascinating drum solo. Could this solo have influenced a young John Bonham?

   This is for all you drummers out there playing and working in a live band. This is a video clip of Jazz drum legend Joe Morello from around 1961. Joe is famous for his control of accents and rebounds. He played for many years with the Dave Brubeck Quartet and he’s featured on over 60 albums recorded by Dave Brubeck.

   Joe Morello’s album count is very impressive as he’s played on over 120 albums. He’s also written many top selling books about drumming inluding his book “Master Studies”. He is also included in Modern Drummer Magazine’s Hall Of Fame.

   What I like about this clip is the way Joe is using his hands to play his drumset at the beginning of the solo. It really makes me wonder if John Bonham had seen Joe Morello play like this at some point. As I’m sure you’re aware, John Bonham has a nice section in his “Moby Dick” solo where he plays with his hands. I guess we all learn from our heroes.     Continue reading “Joe Morello Drum Solo Circa 1961”

John Bonham – Moby Dick Drum Solo 1973 Live Video

Live video of Led Zepplin playing Moby Dick which features an incredible live drum solo by John Bonham.

   One of the main reasons Led Zeppelin was such a huge live band was because of the incredible drumming of John Bonham. His drumming style was huge and bombastic which really added to the entire feel of the Led Zeppelin experience. He also had a great feel for playing the proper drum fill in the perfect place in any song.   Continue reading “John Bonham – Moby Dick Drum Solo 1973 Live Video”

Drummer Mike Mangini on Discovery Channels Time Warp Series

World famous speed drummer Mike Mangini is featured in this video clip from Discovery Channels Time Warp series.

   I thought this was a fascinating video looking at some of the physics of drumming. It features drummer Mike Mangini who has played drums for Extreme and Steve Vai. He is currently a faculty member at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston. Mike Mangini is an extremely fast drummer and has held 3 world records for speed drumming.

   In this video clip from Discovery Channel’s Time Warp series they discuss the physics of drumming on the drummers body as well as the drumset. They take a super slow motion look at the effects of a drum hit on a snare head and cymbal. What really amazed me is how the cymbal flowed like liquid when it was hit. It’s really incredible to watch. I hope you enjoy the clip!   Continue reading “Drummer Mike Mangini on Discovery Channels Time Warp Series”

Live Musician Central Tribute To Keith Moon

Keith Moon of The Who

   One of my very favorite drummers of all time is Keith Moon of The Who. He is the first drummer I remember ever focusing on with my complete attention while listening to a song. I remember being simply blown away by how varied his drumming was and how he could play so much yet still carry the rhythm of the song. The way Keith interacted with The Who’s music is simply perfect and The Who were a great band because of the way Keith played. Keith had a way of intertwining with the vocals, bass and guitar that would lift the other instruments up without overpowering them. It always amazed me how he could sound so scattered and out of time, yet be so perfectly in sync with the music.

Continue reading “Live Musician Central Tribute To Keith Moon”

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