Shopping For Musical Gifts For Kids

You can find high quality musical instrument toys for your children in this excellent music toys for kids list.

   If you’re a musician who just happens to have some kids running around at home I’m sure you’re always looking for music toys to stimulate their musical imagination. It can be tough to find good musical toys for the kids to play with. I know I’ve spent hours searching on various websites looking for the perfect musical gifts for my children only to find a limited selection of low quality musical toys.   Continue reading “Shopping For Musical Gifts For Kids”

The Best Gift For Musicians – Gift Certificates

This Christmas Holiday give your muisician a gift they’re sure to love, musician’s gift certificates!

Gift Certificate For Musicians
Musician Gift Certificate

Every year at Christmas my friends that know I play in a live band shower me with music related gifts. I really appreciate the thought but I have to admit that a lot of those presents get put into the equipment bin going unused simply because they’re not exactly what I would have chosen for myself. How many of you have received a guitar strap that just wasn’t cool enough to wear onstage? Or how many of you have had a spouse buy you a brand new guitar without knowing what to look for in a quality guitar? That’s why I’m telling you that Musician’s Gift Certificates are the best gifts you can give to your musician friends.   Continue reading “The Best Gift For Musicians – Gift Certificates”

Christmas Presents and Gifts For Musicians

You can find the perfect Christmas gift and present for the musician in your life with these simple tips.

   It’s Christmas shopping season again and if you’re like me, you have a lot of live musicians to buy presents for. I like to purchase as many things online as possible because I don’t like going out shopping. The online music retailers are really starting to push sales early this year with deep discounts and free shipping. Musician’s Friend has some great ideas in their Musician’s Gift Center. Just click the banner below and you’ll find some great gift ideas for presents to all your musician friends.   Continue reading “Christmas Presents and Gifts For Musicians”

Live Musician Gift Idea – Live Sound Accessories Pack

This live sound accessories pack includes two mic stands, two speaker stands, one speaker stand bag and an equipment hauling cart.

Live Sound Accessories Pack
Live Sound Accessories Pack

   Since it’s the season of giving (and of using the last of my live band  earnings for tax write-off purposes) I was looking for gifts for live musicians and came across this sweet deal on a Live Sound Accessories Pack. I don’t know about you, but I seem to go through a microphone stand every year. I also hate hauling equipment in and out of the gig. I also always seem to play in some venues where I struggle to get the speakers aimed for the best sound projection.

   Well, this live sound accessories pack addresses all three problems for an incredibly low price. This pack includes two ProLine Boom Microphone Stands, two ProLine Speaker Stands, one Speaker Stand Bag and one Rock N Roller R2 Micro Cart! All for the amazingly low price of $149. You just can’t beat that price for such a sweet live sound accessories pack.   Continue reading “Live Musician Gift Idea – Live Sound Accessories Pack”

A Bridge Pin Puller Is A Perfect Acoustic Guitar Gift Accessory

A bridge pin puller is an excellent gift to go along with that brand new acoustic guitar.

Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller - Bottle Opener
Dunlop Bridge Pin Puller - Bottle Opener

  I’m sure a lot of you are asking for or giving an acoustic guitar as a gift for Christmas this year. I still remember when I was 13 years old and I got my very first acoustic guitar. I loved it and it brought a whole new dimension in music to my life. Getting my acoustic guitar as a Christmas present was literally what launched my career as a musician playing in live bands.

   I remember learning how to play on that acoustic guitar and playing it until I broke a string. That brought me to my first string change on an acoustic guitar. Let me tell you, it was a learning experience and I learned a hard lesson. Acoustic guitar bridge pins are a real pain in ass to get out of the bridge! Naturally I grabbed a flat blade screwdriver and began prying against my beautiful wood bridge mount which I immediately chipped by prying on it.   Continue reading “A Bridge Pin Puller Is A Perfect Acoustic Guitar Gift Accessory”

A Suggestion On Gifts For Musicians

A vocal microphone package is the perfect set of gifts for musicians that play in a live band.

Shure Beta 58A
Shure Beta 58A

  I’ve written many times on Live Musician Central about how important it is for every band member in a live band to do some singing. Whether you’re taking time on lead vocals or simply singing backup, your voice is too valuable of an instrument not to use in your band. There’s one piece of equipment that most musicians always seem to skimp on, and that’s their vocal microphone.

   That’s whay I’m suggesting a vocal microphone package as a gift for musicians this year. You’ll be doing the musician in your life a big favor by spending a little cash on a good vocal microphone, mic cable and mic stand. This is a great three piece package for your musician and it’s a gift that will be used for years to come.     Continue reading “A Suggestion On Gifts For Musicians”

Musician Gift Guide Suggestion – Top 50 Guitars, Amps & Effects Under $100

Find the perfect gift for musicians from the list of top 50 guitars, amps & effects under $100.

Top 50 under $100 at
   The Christmas shopping season is in full swing and if you have a musician that plays in a live band on your list then here’s your chance to shop for some great gear at low prices. Musician’s Friend has compiled a list of the top 50 guitars, amps and effects priced under $100. There are a lot of items that would make great gifts for musicians. The nice thing is they’re under $100 which makes them affordable this Christmas.

   If you have a youngster that is looking to become the next great guitarist there are also some decent starter guitar packages on the list as well. Whether you’re looking to pick up and acoustic guitar or an electric guitar you can find either one on this list of deals.

All you have to do is click on the banner and start looking for that perfect gift.

Top 50 under $100 at

Save Money With Holiday Gift Packs For Your Musician

Check out the excellent holiday gift packs from Musician’s Friend for gifts for every musician.

Holiday Gift Packs at

It’s that time of year again and the holidays are coming up fast. The good thing for all you live musicians out there is that the major music retailers have some excellent holiday gift packs to help you fill out your shopping list.

These gift packs are available for musicians of every level from beginner to advanced. You’ll find all kinds of great items such as guitar starter packs, recording studio packs, live sound reinforcement packs and keyboard packages.

You’ll be able to save a bundle of money when purchasing these items and they’re sure to make the musician on your shopping list very happy. Just click the banners and get shopping today!

Holiday Gift Packs at

Musician Gift Suggestions – Swirlygig Chrome Mic Stand Drink Holder

The Swirlygig drink holder can mount on your mic stand and keep your drink within easy reach.

Swirlygig Chrome Drink Holder
Swirlygig Chrome Drink Holder

   How many times have you reached for your drink at a gig only to find it kicked over on the floor? I’ve spilled so many drinks over the years it’s amazing I haven’t been electrocuted! That’s why today I’m suggesting the Swirlygig Chrome Mic Stand Drink Holder for yourself or as a gift for anyone who plays in a live band.

   I’ve spilled drinks down my amplifier and I’ve spilled them right into plug bars. Let me tell you the light show from the exploding plug bar was cool but it sucked when the power went out because of a spilled drink. The Swirlygig drink holder will hang right on your mic stand keeping your drink within easy reach while keeping it away from your valuable amplifier and electrical outlets.   Continue reading “Musician Gift Suggestions – Swirlygig Chrome Mic Stand Drink Holder”

Shopping For Gifts For Musicians

   It’s that time of year again and I like to get my Christmas shopping done early so I can relax and enjoy the holiday season. For the live musician there are so many opportunities to be out playing gigs that shopping during December can just be crazy. One thing I’ve noticed about being a musician is that a lot of my friends are musicians too. It’s always tricky buying things for each other and it can be tough to think of new things to get for the players in your band year after year. I mean how many guitar picks and sets of strings can you give out before it all just becomes the same old boring routine?

   That’s why I totally appreciate having a good musicians gift guide to use while I do my shopping. So today I’m going to give you links to 3 excellent gift guides from the top Internet music stores. I don’t know about you but I love ordering online and just waiting for the gifts to show up on my doorstep. It’s great to avoid all the crazy Christmas crowds at the stores. The only crazy Christmas crowds I like are the ones at the front of the stage cheering my live band on. So follow the links below for great musician gift guides.

Musician's Friend Holiday Gift Guide

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