Big Savings On Music Equipment At Musician’s Friend For Labor Day Weekend

Check out the big Snooze U Lose sale at Musician’s Friend this Labor Day weekend for huge savings on music equipment.

Up to 30% Off at
Anybody that plays in a live band knows that it’s important to have professional quality music equipment to be able to get the job done right. We also like to save as much money as possible whenever we can. That’s why I’m always searching for killer sales on good music equipment.         Continue reading “Big Savings On Music Equipment At Musician’s Friend For Labor Day Weekend”

Deals And Promotions From Musician’s Friend – August 2009

Special deals and limited run equipment from Musician’s Friend for the month of August, 2009.

Randy Rhoads with Jackson prototype guitar.
Randy Rhoads with Jackson prototype guitar.

  There are a couple of really cool deals for guitarists going on right now at Musician’s Friend. One of the most legendary and influential guitarists of all time was Mr. Randy Rhoads. He rose to fame playing with Ozzy Osbourne as Ozzy launched his stellar solo career. The success of Ozzy’s early solo work can be highly credited to the phenomenal guitar work of Randy Rhoads. If you were lucky enough to see Randy Rhoads onstage in Ozzy’s live band it was an experience you’ll never forget.

   Before Randy’s untimely death, he designed his ultra-famous Randy Rhoads Signature Model guitar with Grover Jackson of Jackson Guitars. This guitar has been highly sought by guitarists that love the Randy Rhoads sound. Right now at Musician’s Friend you can score a deal on a limited run of this amazing guitar that are numbered and signed by luthier Mike Shannon. Just click the banner below to check it out:

Randy Rhodes Limited Edition Guitars

 Another great special going on right now at Musician’s Friend is the big sale on Line 6 equipment. Line 6 makes an excellent line of modeling amplifiers that can almost rival the sweet sounds of my Fender Cyber-Twin SE. When I was shopping for a new amp I narrowed it down to the Line 6 Vetta or the Fender Cyber-Twin SE. The Fender finally won out but it was a tough choice.

   If you’re in the market for some excellent gear from Line 6, now is the time to buy. The prices have been lowered and the deals have never been better. Just click on the banner below to see these nice discounts:

Price Cuts on Line 6 Gear at

Shop For Used Music Equipment At Musician’s Friend

Find huge savings buying used music equipment from Musician’s Friend. Read this post to learn how to save some money today!

   I’m always on the hunt for great deals on live band equipment. I have no problem at all buying a piece of used gear on eBay but I do wish the warranties were better. It’s tough to find a piece of used equipment that comes with a decent warranty and return policy.

    That’s one reason I like to shop at Musician’s Friend. They have an excellent return policy so you can make sure a piece of equipment is really what you want before you’re stuck with it forever. They have a 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee on anything that you buy from them and that includes their excellent selection of used equipment.

Continue reading “Shop For Used Music Equipment At Musician’s Friend”

About The Product Links From Amazon, eBay and Musician’s Friend

You want to be safe and get great deals when buying music equipment online. That’s why Live Musician Central links to Musician’s Friend, and eBay.

   Hi everybody, I’ve had a few people ask me if Live Musician Central is all about selling products. The answer is no, Live Musician Central is all about playing in a live band. That’s why I link the words Live Band to the homepage of Live Musician Central. So why do I have so many links to products on Live Musician Central?    Continue reading “About The Product Links From Amazon, eBay and Musician’s Friend”

Save Money With An Extra 10% Off Scratch ‘N’ Dent Items From Musician’s Friend

One week only save an additional 10% on all Scratch ‘N’ Dent items from Musician’s Friend.

Extra 10% Off Scratch 'N' Dent at MusiciansFriend

   For exactly one week you can save an additional 10% off all Scratch ‘N’ Dent items from Musician’s Friend. You can really save big money on the scratch ‘n’ dent music equipment. It’s a great way to equip your live band and the prices are comparable to buying used equipment. The gear in the Scratch ‘N’ Dent section generally has minor cosmetic flaws but it doesn’t have the wear and tear that you would get when buying used equipment. Another great thing is you get the Musician’s Friend Advantage which is the 45-day low price guarantee, 45-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, on-time delivery guarantee and the no-hassle return policy. You will also get free shipping on all orders over $99.

   As you can see, this is a really great promotion and you can score some killer deals. Remember, this special promotion ends on January 13, 2009. Just click on the banners to check out the Scratch ‘N’ Dent sale.

Extra 10% Off Scratch 'N' Dent at MusiciansFriend

Peace Of Mind With Musician’s Friend 45 Day Low Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price on a purchase from Musician’s Friend anywhere else within 45 days, Musician’s Friend will refund you the difference in the price.

45/45 Guarantee at

It’s that time of year between Christmas and New Years where the prices on new music equipment really start to come down. As any live musician knows, it’s also the time of year to buy any miscellaneous equipment that you want to claim on your taxes for 2008. So if you’re low on strings or you want to purchase a new Fender Stratocaster, now is the perfect time to do that because you can write them off on your tax return in a month or so. That being said, some really great price drops will happen all through January as well as the retailers and online merchants will really be working to get your business. That’s where the Musician’s Friend 45 day low price guarantee really come into play.        Continue reading “Peace Of Mind With Musician’s Friend 45 Day Low Price Guarantee”

Hot Deal On Gift Certificates From Musician’s Friend -EXPIRED-

Earn Bonus Bucks from Musician’s Friend when you purchase Musician’s Friend Gift Certificates.

Earn Up to $125 Instantly at

     The Gift Certificates Offer is over but you can always take advantage of the 45 day low price guarantee! 

Continue reading “Hot Deal On Gift Certificates From Musician’s Friend -EXPIRED-“

Musician’s Friend Coupon Code

   Musician’s Friend has really been rolling out the deals to get us all to start our Christmas shopping early this year. Today they released a special coupon code available to all readers of Live Musician Central. You can use this code to get up to $75 off your purchase from Musician’s Friend. Just click on the banner below and use the coupon code MF23.

Save Up to $75 Instantly at

Musician’s Friend Rebate Page

As Musician’s we all have to stretch every dollar we have as far as it will go. Especially with todays outrageous gas prices. So I’m always on the lookout for great deals and like every Musician I love new gear! That’s why every day I check out Musician’s Friend Stupid Deal of the Day.  Continue reading “Musician’s Friend Rebate Page”

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