Sunday Funnies – Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Literal Video Version

Bonnie Tyler’s hit song Total Eclipse Of The Heart with lyrics that literally tell the story of what’s happening in the video.

   Today for the Sunday Funnies I’m posting up a very hilari0us version of the Bonnie Tyler music video for her hit, Total Eclipse Of The Heart. I remember when this video came out and we would watch it and try to figure out just exactly what they were trying to say in the storyline of the music video. Well, in the Literal Video Version the entire video is explained in the lyrics!    Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Literal Video Version”

Sunday Funnies – Throw It On The Ground SNL

   This week I’m putting up a video clip from Saturday Night Live. This is an Andy Samberg doing a little rap song called “Throw It On The Ground”. I think his view of what should be thrown on the ground is a little twisted in this one, but of course that’s what makes it so darn funny! It’s also what makes it worthy of being on Live Musician Central Sunday Funnies.    Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Throw It On The Ground SNL”

Sunday Funnies – Monty Python Lumberjack Song

Video of the Lumberjack Song by the Monty Python group.

   For todays Sunday Funnies we’ve got a good old Monty Python classic, the Lumberjack Song. This song has brought many a laugh over the years and it’s always good for a chuckle. I hope you enjoy it just one more time.   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Monty Python Lumberjack Song”

Sunday Funnies – Horrible Guitar Players On YouTube

Funny video of some seriously bad guitar players who posted on YouTube.

   I know everyone has to start someplace when they learn to play the guitar. Let’s face it, we were all pretty horrible when we started playing. I’m just glad that nobody had a video camera around when I was learning to play guitar. I really feel sorry for these poor saps that video themselves playing horrible guitar and then have the “great idea” to put it up on YouTube.

   I hope you enjoy this short clip of some of YouTube’s worst guitar playing.    Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Horrible Guitar Players On YouTube”

Sunday Funnies – Songs About A Girl Family Guy

This is a funny clip with Stewie and Brian from Family Guy discussing songs with girl’s names.

   I got a good laugh out of this clip from Family Guy. Girls are one of any musician’s greatest inspiration and there have been a lot of songs written and titled after certain girls. It was actually kind of shocking to watch this clip and realize just how many songs have a girl’s name in the title.

   Sit back and have a good laugh as Stewie and Brian have a little songwriting discussion about using girl’s names in a song.

Songs About A Girl – Family Guy

Sunday Funnies – Support Conan O’Brien My Coco

A video in support of Conan O’Brien showing Conan clips to the song My Coco by Stellastar.

   I admit, when Jay Leno was hosting the Tonight Show I would watch fairly regularly but a lot of the time I’d fall asleep on the couch until Conan O’Brien came on. So I was pretty stoked when Jay retired and Conan moved to the 10:30 spot to host The Tonight Show. I figured I could stay awake easily for Conan’s hijinks and I do. Then all this time slot stupidity started.

   Now don’t get me wrong, I like Jay but he left to try a new time slot and for better or worse, it didn’t work out. So I say Jay, it’s time to retire to Vegas and start really enjoying your car collection. Conan is younger and funnier and he’s earned his shot to host the Tonight Show.   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Support Conan O’Brien My Coco”

Sunday Funnies – Wedding Dance Fail Video

This video could be funny or terribly tragic depending on your point of view.

   Okay, I don’t know if this video is funny or terribly tragic. The reason I’m posting it up on Live Musician Central is because the song the band is playing seems so wildly out of place at a wedding. I do have to admit I laughed pretty hard when the stupid girl in the red dress causes catastrophe but I did feel sorry for the poor bride at the end. So like I said, the vid is a mixed bag.

   I really want to know though, why is the girl in red dress so out of control? Is it the song driving her wild? I doubt it. Is it excess alcohol? Possibly. Is it sheer jealousy induced craziness becuse her best friend just got married? Most likely!   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Wedding Dance Fail Video”

Sunday Funnies – Prairie Dog Attack

This is one of those clips that’s so stupid it’s funny, I hope you like prairie dogs.

   Have you ever seen a clip of something that was so stupid it was funny? Well, this is one of those clips. It’s a clip you may have to watch more than once to get laughing because the first time through I’m sure you’ll be thinking “What the hell?”. Second time through, you’ll be laughing. So check it out and I hope you like this weeks Sunday Funnies on Live Musician Central.   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Prairie Dog Attack”

Sunday Funnies – Axis Of Awesome 4 Chords

A funny look at how so many songs use the exact same chord progression.

   Some of the best music has been written over very simple chord progressions. It’s something that listeners don’t think about beyond the occasional “that song sort of sounds like…” comments. But it’s can be pretty funny when songs are strung together that use the same chord progression. In fact, it’s the basis for mashups to take songs using the same chord progression and mash them together.

   I found this video by Axis Of Awesome funny because of the way they linked these songs together and because their performance is over the top but not to the point of becoming stupid. I hope you enjoy it on today’s Sunday Funnies!   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Axis Of Awesome 4 Chords”

Sunday Funnies – Bohemian Christmas Rhapsody

Enjoy this great Christmas song parody of Queen’s hit, Bohemian Rhapsody.

   I got a good laugh out of this Christmas version of the Queen classic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Whoever is playing and singing on it is actually quite skilled and the song is mixed nicely as well. Whoever N2OBand is on YouTube, good Job! I hope you enjoy another great Christmas Sunday Funnies.   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Bohemian Christmas Rhapsody”

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