Music Equipment Rebates On AKG, JBL, Lexicon, dbx, Crown and Soundcraft

Get up to $500 in rebates on JBL, Crown, Lexicon, AKG, dbx and Soundcraft brand professional music equipment.

Get Rebates On The JBL JRX125 Speaker
Get Rebates On The JBL JRX125 Speaker

   Until June 30, 2009 you can score up to $500 cash back with rebates offered on top of the line music equipment manufactured by Harman brand. I have owned many pieces of equipment manufactured by Harman over the years and I have always had excellent results. The best speakers I’ve ever used in my live band are my JBL JRX125 Dual 15″ 2-way speakers and they are made by Harman International.

   Harman manufactures the following brands which are all participating in this rebate offer: JBL, Crown, dbx, AKG, Lexicon and Soundcraft. This rebate offer can save you a ton of money if you’re in the process of building your P.A. system or your home studio rig. These are all premium brand names which make top level, professional music equipment. You can pick up speakers, amplifiers, compressors, equalizers, patchbays, microphones and many more products under the umbrella of this excellent offer.

   Music123 has created a special link directly to all the Harman products included in this rebate offer. As you know, I believe that Music123 has some of the best customer service of all the online music equipment retailers. Go ahead and follow the link below to start shopping for these excellent products offered by Harman International today:

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