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Get your music distributed on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rock Band the video game and many other places using TuneCore.

   The top online music retailer is Apple’s iTunes but others such as Amazon.com MP3 service are rapidly catching up. In today’s music industry the old channels of music distribution are quickly being replaced by these digital distribution services. The good thing for us as independent musicians is that it’s easier than ever to get our music out there for sale with more of the profits going directly to us.

   It’s pretty easy to become a content provider for iTunes and other digital distribution services. You usually just have to fill out an application and wait to be accepted into the program. But it can be a challenge to manage all your sales avenues. That’s why I’m recommending you give TuneCore a try for your music distribution.  

   TuneCoregives a single easy interface to upload your music and then select the distribution channels you want to utilize for your music. Your options for distributing your music are extremely varied and proven at selling music. You can choose online stores such as iTunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, Amie Street and others. Or you can try more groundbreaking avenues such as making your song available to buy and play on the Rock Band video game.

   If you’re currently streaming your original songs on MySpace you’ll be able to get paid through TuneCore each time your songs get streamed on MySpace. TuneCore will also give you access to record labels such as Island Def Jam, Interscope, Republic and Motown Records.

   Do you have a physical CD completed and ready to distribute? TuneCore can also get your CD’s into over 200 Guitar Center stores across the country. This will put your CD right alongside U2, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Jimi Hendrix. You’ll also get physical CD distribution through Amazon.com.

   Along with all these great services you’ll get the following items free as well:

  • Free digital cover art
  • Free CD artwork for Amazon’s Disc On Demand store
  • Free streaming music widgets for your website
  • Free barcodes, UPC’s, and TuneCore song identifiers (TCSI)

   You can get started using all of the TuneCore services with just a single song. The cost to upload one song and get started on your musical distribution is $9.99. For all these great available services it’s really a no-brainer to at least give TuneCore a try. The best thing of all is TuneCore doesn’t take any of your royalties. You get to keep 100% of all your sales royalties from the services you choose to distribute through.  Just click on the banner below to get started selling your music today!

TuneCore Music Distribution of Your Own Music

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