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Welcome to the Matt Rushton solo songs page!

All the songs on this page have been written and recorded by Matt Rushton and he owns all associated copyrights. On each of these songs Matt plays all instruments and sings all the vocal part. Occasionally a guest will sing on a song. Guest musicians are listed as they appear.

Rescue Me

Rescue Me was recorded in April of 2013. It was originally written on the piano. I used Reason 5 software in tandem with Sony Acid 7 to record this song. -Matt-

Click the link to listen to a clip of Rescue Me – Matt Rushton – Rescue Me Clip

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Please Understand

Please Understand was written in the mid 1990’s. I used an Ensoniq keyboard for the drums and keyboard parts. The guitar was my custom made Stratocaster through my Digitech GSP21-Pro. Guest vocalist on this one is my good friend Kyle Johnson who is singing backup on the song. I’m especially proud of my guitar work on this one.

Click the link to listen to a clip of Please Understand – Matt Rushton – Please Understand clip

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