Musicians Friend Stupid Deal Of The Day

Let’s face it, music is a business. We have to cut costs just like any other business out there. We all need tools and we want the best tools at the best prices. That’s why it makes sense to bargain hunt. Musician’s Friend has a great promotion every day called the Musician’s Friend Stupid Deal Of The Day.
Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day

I suggest clicking it every day just to see what they’re offering. Sometimes the deals are so good you can buy it from Musician’s Friend, then re-sell it eBay and make a couple bucks profit. I hope you get some value out of this promotion. I know I have and I check it regularly.

Another deal you will want to check out is the Musician’s Friend Wednesday Wow deal. You can find some amazing bargains on Wednesday mornings.

WOW Deal Every Wednesday at

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