Sunday Funnies – Weezer – Pork And Beans Video

   If you’re a fan of pop culture then you’re sure to enjoy Weezer’s new video. The song is called Pork And Beans and it’s fun to name all the cultural references in the video. It’s funny, and it’s cool. That’s a rare combination.   

Click title for: Weezer – Pork And Beans

Sunday Funnies – Jake E. Lee Shreds While Ozzy Claps

    Yet another Shreds video and the solo is pretty darn funny. But what really cracks me up about this video and makes me laugh everytime is see it is watching Ozzy Osbourne clapping! You see him clapping like a loon everytime he plays live but you can’t hear it. So pay special attention to Ozzy’s beautiful clapping on this Rock’n video.

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Sunday Funnies – How To Become A Musician

   Have you ever played with a guy who thought they were the greatest musician in the world simply because they had the whole “Stage Act” down? I saw a band where the guitarist had long curly blonde hair, a ripped bod and a sweet, white Gibson Les Paul Custom. He’d totally throw himself into a solo and do all the classic “Rock Guitar God” poses and swing his shaggy head of hair all over the place while he was soloing. The girls seemed to be into it but I gotta tell ya, his guitar playing SUCKED! It was sad really that he was getting away with it. It was a lesson in stage presence to be sure and how far that could carry you.      Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – How To Become A Musician”

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