Play To Your Strengths With Your Song Selection

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   Every band has it’s own unique talent level that comes from each individual band member’s personal skill level. I’ve played with guitarists that are just amazing with Jazz music but couldn’t play even the simplest of Rock-N-Roll music. I’ve played with bass players that could hold down a perfectly steady beat, until they had to play a funk bass line and then they struggled like crazy. I’ve had the same thing happen with bands as whole that I’ve been in. I’ve been in bands that could play classic Rock-N-Roll flawlessly but couldn’t even start to play any heavy metal. I’ve seen bands that play Country like nobody’s business but can’t rock at all.

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Live Musician Central Weekend Album Picks 7-12-2008

   Here are your weekend album picks from Live Musician Central. We pick mostly new releases so your band can stay on top of the current music scene. This helps your band in two ways. First, you stay in touch with what’s new in music and that helps you stay relevant in todays music culture. Second, you can learn the latest releases to play with your band which will give you the edge in the live music clubs. (Oh, and the Ringo Starr album, just for fun.) Enjoy!  

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Live Musician Central – Weekend Album Downloads 7-5-08

   I’m mixing it up a little bit this weekend. I’m giving you some links to great new albums from both iTunes and Amazon. As I’ve said before about MP3 downloads – they’re affordable, they’re DRM free, and they’re ripped at 256kbps. All MP3 downloads are compatible with all MP3 capable devices as well as music management interfaces such as iTunes, Zune and Windows Media Player. Enjoy!

 Apple iTunesApple iTunes

Live Musician Central – Weekend Album Picks 6-20-2008

   This week we’re featuring top new albums from I’ve got a lot of MP3 players that don’t like iTunes aac format. My cell phone, Zune, Samsung and iRiver devices all work perfectly with the MP3’s. So when you download from Amazon, you get MP3 format music. You can also get incredible deals on full albums. For instance you can download all 13 songs of Robert Plant and Alison Kraus – Raising Sand for $5.00 . Now that’s hard to beat anywhere and it’s all DRM free. Not only that but it’s in 256 kbps format. I definitely think Amazon’s MP3 format downloads are worth a look at.                      Continue reading “Live Musician Central – Weekend Album Picks 6-20-2008”