Why Are Some Guitars Priced So Low And Some Priced So High?

There are several things that factor into guitar pricing. Find out why intruments that share the same name have such a wide price range.

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

One question I get asked all the time is “How come this Stratocaster costs so much more than that Stratocaster? Aren’t they both Fender Stratocasters?”. I get asked the same questions about various Gibson Les Paul guitars as well. As a matter of fact, every instrument that you find used in a live band such as drums, bass, guitar or keyboards have huge price ranges for instruments, that on the surface, appear very similar.       Continue reading “Why Are Some Guitars Priced So Low And Some Priced So High?”

Gibson Les Paul BFG Demo Video

Gibson demo video of the Gibson Les Paul BFG guitar. It demo’s how the guitar sounds, the wiring and the controls.

Gibson Les Paul BFG
Gibson Les Paul BFG

   The other day on Live Musician Central I wrote a review of my Gibson Les Paul BFG guitar. I use the Les Paul BFG in my live band all the time because it has fantastic tones and it can stand up to all the abuse I dish out onstage. I’ve had my Les Paul BFG for over a year now and it continues to play very well. In fact, the wood has aged nicely as the guitar has broken in and I think it sounds better now than when it was new.

   I wanted to put up a Gibson demo video of the Les Paul BFG so you could check out the amazing tones this guitar can produce. Here it is and it’s a very good example of what the Gibson Les Paul BFG is capable of.         Continue reading “Gibson Les Paul BFG Demo Video”

Gibson Les Paul BFG Review

The Gibson Les Paul BFG is an American made Les Paul that has some very unique features and sounds great!

Gibson Les Paul BFG
Gibson Les Paul BFG

   As you know, I’m a Fender player and the Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster is my main go-to guitar. But I do play some other guitars regularly onstage with my live band. I also believe that there are just some instances where a Gibson Les Paul is the best guitar to get a particular sound that the Fenders can’t do well. The Gibson Les Paul sound to me is buttery and creamy without a lot of the pop that you can get with a Fender.

   About 10 years ago I added a Gibson Les Paul Custom to my collection of guitars. I love that guitar but because it’s price has continued to climb over the years, I just can’t risk taking it out onstage anymore. I could never afford to replace it at it’s current market value so it stays home, cased up most of the time. I think that’s a sad, sad commentary on these outrageous guitar prices from Gibson and now Fender. It’s just a bummer to have an instrument that’s so expensive that nobody will ever see it played live onstage except in an arena.    Continue reading “Gibson Les Paul BFG Review”

Gibson Guitar Deals On Musician’s Friend

Gibson has lowered the prices on their Les Paul Studio and SG series “Faded Finish” electric guitars.

Gibson Les Paul Studio - Faded Cherry Only $999
Gibson Les Paul Studio - Now Faded Cherry Only $799!!

   I am a Fender instruments player and a really big fan of all their musical equipment. But I must say that I’ve been truly disappointed with Fender jacking up their prices resulting in a huge price increase. Don’t get me wrong, I think any company is fully within their rights to charge what the market is willing to bear. I also think it’s fully within the rights of the consumer to shop around for the best deals.

   As you know, I primarily play my Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster’s in my live band. I also own a Gibson Les Paul Custom which I used to play in my live band until they jacked the price up so high I knew I could never replace it if it was stolen or damaged. Now it sits safely in it’s case, un-played and increasing in value which I think is a complete waste of a beautiful guitar. I also have a Gibson Les Paul BFG that is a fun instrument to play but still doesn’t see a lot of stage time. It’s just a little too poorly constructed to stand up well to the rigors of regular live use.

   Still with Fender putting the markup on their best Stratocaster’s so high, I’ve been looking into Gibson again. While checking the current deals at Musician’s Friend I ran across their add banner that Gibson has reduced prices on their American made guitars. So naturally, I checked into it. (Here’s the banner for you to check out)

Low Priced Gibson Guitars at MusiciansFriend.com

   As it turns out, you can save a bundle of money on a Gibson Les Paul Studio or a Gibson SG guitar. They’re both American made and possess the legendary Gibson sound that they’re famous for. Now for why they’re so affordable, the finish is crap! The best deals are on the “Faded” finish or as I like to call it, the “half-can of spray paint” finish.

   Before you think that I feel like the faded finish is a bad thing, I really don’t. Because these guitars are intended to be working guitars. They’re meant to be played live in your band. A finish is just going to get beat to hell with regular live playing use so why not start out with a more affordable finish? That’s why I’m recommending these guitars as potential candidates to become your onstage, working guitar. They’re both definitely worth a look.

   If you have more money to spend, you may as well check out the Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue. Just follow the banner below to check it out.

1959 Les Paul Guitar at MusiciansFriend.com

Gibson Les Paul Studio Versus Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar Review

The Gibson Les Paul Studio is a high quality, American made guitar with a decent price point.

Gibson Les Paul Studio - Faded Cherry Only $999
Gibson Les Paul Studio - Faded Cherry Only $999

As you all know, I play primarily Fender Stratocasters in my live band. But I have to admit that I do own a Gibson Les Paul Custom but it’s current pricing is just outrageous and I can’t recommend it if you’re on a budget. I had the opportunity to play a Gibson Les Paul Studio just the other day and I was very impressed with the guitar. This is how I feel it compares to my Gibson Les Paul Custom.     Continue reading “Gibson Les Paul Studio Versus Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar Review”

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