The Beatles: Rock Band Intro and Outro Animations

Watch video clips of The Beatles: Rock Band intro and outro video animations.

The other day on Live Musician Central we did a review of The Beatles: Rock Band video game. One of the things we talked about was how amazing the animation was in the game. So today we’re posting up the video clips of the opening and closing animations of The Beatles: Rock Band so you can see for yourself how great they look. On our Playstation 3 system they look much better because the resolution is true HD.

The intro and outro videos were directed by Pete Candeland who is best known for animating The Gorillaz. The videos in The Beatles: Rock Band definitely have his unique style to them and they really take you into another world where The Beatles themselves rule.    Continue reading “The Beatles: Rock Band Intro and Outro Animations”

Sunday Funnies – Play Van Halen Asteroids Free Online

Play Asteroids themed around Van Halen’s Diamond David Lee Roth, free online!

   This week for the Live Musician Central Sunday Funnies I’m linking to a very entertaining version of the classic video game, Asteroids. I spent dozens of quarters playing Asteroids back in the 80’s and it’s one of my favorite classic video games. This version of Asteroids is called “Assteroidz – Diamond Dave Edition” and features David Lee Roth as the spaceship flying around and blasting Van Halen related asteroids. Sammy Hagar is the evil alien ship and the sound effects for the whole game are pretty hilarious. I’ve got to give a shout out to my good buddy Knarf-0 for pointing this game out to me. So here you go, just click the picture and have fun playing Assteroidz!

Assteroidz - Diamond Dave Edition
Click to play Assteroidz - Diamond Dave Edition