Sunday Funnies – William Hung “She Bangs” Audition and Video

Video of William Hung singing “She Bangs” at his American Idol audition. Also, his full music video of “She Bangs”.

   William Hung, just his name makes me laugh! It’s like a porn stars name… But talk about an unlikely celebrity. For today’s Sunday Funnies I’m posting up the original William Hung American Idol audition video so you see what kicked off his 15 minutes of fame. It’s an audition so bad that you just can’t ignore the poor guy.

   I’m also posting up the music video that William Hung made to go with his studio recording of “She Bangs”. It totally cracks me up because William hates being touched and it’s funny to watch him pull away from all these beautiful women in the video. The “give me my backpack” scene at the end of the video is hilarious too. Enjoy!        Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – William Hung “She Bangs” Audition and Video”