Master Sony Acid Pro 6 With Power!: The Official Guide

Acid Pro 6 Power! The Official Guide

   If you’ve been reading Live Musician Central for very long I’m sure you know I absolutely love Sony Acid Pro 6 Professional Music Workstation software. It’s extremely powerful and can be the heart of your own home recording studio. Sony Acid Pro 6 is a very capable and deep program which is easy to learn but can be a challenge to master. Today I want to turn you on to an excellent guide written by D. Erik Franks called “ACID Pro 6 Power!: The Official Guide“.

   Acid Pro 6 Power is a deep, detailed look at the capabilities of Sony Acid Pro 6. The users manual that comes with Sony Acid Pro 6 will tell you the basic features of Acid but it doesn’t take you very deep into how to get the full benefit of those features. That’s where “Acid Pro 6 Power!” comes in handy to fill all those missing details. There is something for every skill level in “Acid Pro 6 Power!” and it can take your music productions to the very highest quality possible with Sony Acid. The first few chapters discuss the user interface and program workflow. The book then moves into music theory concepts which will get you into serious music composition and song creation. The book will also take you into the highly technical aspects of using Sony Acid Pro 6. Simply having the book on hand as a reference guide is worth the price of the book.

   It comes with a companion DVD that includes some fully functioning, time-limited demos of several Sony music production programs. What I like the most on the DVD is you get over 500 sample loops to use in your own productions. You can never have too many loops and having loops that work perfectly in Acid is a real plus. “Acid Pro 6 Power!: The Official Guide” is only $23.75 and it’s truly worth every penny.

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