The Hairbrush Chronicles Part 4 – My First Live Performance

Alisha Sabin continues her story of getting the chance to sing with her first live band.

Alisha Sabin Performing Live
Alisha Sabin Singing At Her First Live Gig

My first live performance. It seemed like I should be much more nervous than I felt. I was so focused on getting the words right and singing in tune that I almost forgot that there were people sitting down listening to the band play. The first live performance felt like a regular band practice. It felt natural and not complicated. I was singing in on two songs and then I was done. As I stood before the microphone I could start to feel the uneasiness set in. The singing and the remembering of the words was no longer on the fore front of my mind. I was concerned about how I looked. Did it look natural? Or could you completely tell that I was new at this?   Continue reading “The Hairbrush Chronicles Part 4 – My First Live Performance”

The Hairbrush Chronicles – Part 3 Getting A Chance With A Band

Alisha gets her first chance to sing at practice with the live rock band, Bonne Nuit.

Alisha Sabin - Singer
Alisha Sabin - Young Rocker

   You know those times of your life where you feel complacent and bored? You don’t know why you keep going through the robotic motions of life each day. Maybe you do know why but you aren’t sure how you manage to keep doing it day after day. It can become quickly depressing and you start to lose motivation for other things that are important to you. Exercise, eating healthy and productivity become a thing of the past as you wallow in your oh so boring lifestyle. You need something to keep you going, a productive and healthy change.

   My change came via Facebook message and I couldn’t believe it when I read it. All of these years of singing in the hairbrush and I had been asked to sing a song at the next gig for the cover band Bonne Nuit. Excited and nervous would describe it best. It was Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now. I immediately downloaded it on iTunes and practiced my heart out. I practiced so much that my family can barely stand to hear it at all now. But there was one thing I couldn’t prepare myself for and had no idea how it would dramatically change my performing life forever: Singing live!

   I showed up for my first band practice pretty unsure of what to do. I think that may have been the first thing I said to the band, “I’ve never sung like this before, so I really have no idea what I am doing.” They were extremely patient and gracious to me. Nice as can be; and from the tone of the room I could tell they were all saying to me, “It’s easy…you just sing into the mic.”

   So I did.  Continue reading “The Hairbrush Chronicles – Part 3 Getting A Chance With A Band”

The Hairbrush Chronicles – Part 1 The Dream Of Playing In A Live Band

Alisha Sabin talks about the childhood dream of being a singer in a live band.

Alisha Sabin Live Singer 12th Grade
Alisha Sabin - Aspiring Rock Singer

   It was just me and my hairbrush, well, and my two sisters.  There I was standing on the bed, hairbrush in hand ready to sing-off to know which sister was the best.  We would compete regularly and usually we would sing the latest Disney movie hit.  This time it was “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.  I always knew I was the best but my older sister was, of course, always right and claimed she won each and every time.  I didn’t let that stop me.  I knew that if I kept up my singing into the hairbrush that I would eventually get my chance to sing on a live stage.   The hairbrush singing continued through my teens, young adulthood and even today.  As a matter of fact, I’ll sing into anything that can give me the feeling of actually singing into a microphone.  A toothpaste tube, cell phone or curling irons work too, you know, before they are plugged in and hot.   Continue reading “The Hairbrush Chronicles – Part 1 The Dream Of Playing In A Live Band”

Foo Fighters Concert Review Salt Lake City – October 11, 2011

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters rocked the Maverick Center in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 11, 2011.

Dave Grohl Playing Maverick Center Salt Lake City
Dave Grohl Playing Lucite Dan Armstrong Ampeg Guitar

   I was seventeen years old when I bought my first two Foo Fighters albums. Their debut self titled album and their second, “The Colour and the Shape”. I listened to it locked in my bedroom so my parents wouldn’t hear as they thought I was headed the wrong direction by listening to what they considered to be loud and unorganized rock music. Yet it seems over the last thirteen years the Foo Fighters have been the most consistent for me, never letting me down with what they have to offer. That is why on October 11, 2011, I was not going to miss seeing them at the Maverick Center in West Valley City, Utah.   Continue reading “Foo Fighters Concert Review Salt Lake City – October 11, 2011”

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