The Hairbrush Chronicles Part 4 – My First Live Performance

Alisha Sabin continues her story of getting the chance to sing with her first live band.

Alisha Sabin Performing Live
Alisha Sabin Singing At Her First Live Gig

My first live performance. It seemed like I should be much more nervous than I felt. I was so focused on getting the words right and singing in tune that I almost forgot that there were people sitting down listening to the band play. The first live performance felt like a regular band practice. It felt natural and not complicated. I was singing in on two songs and then I was done. As I stood before the microphone I could start to feel the uneasiness set in. The singing and the remembering of the words was no longer on the fore front of my mind. I was concerned about how I looked. Did it look natural? Or could you completely tell that I was new at this?  

It’s too late…the music starts and I feel that electricity of the music again and I go into a trance. I start singing. It sounds almost identical from our practice the night before. My nerves calm now because I feel comfortable and continue to focus on the addiction being fed. It feels so good. The words are coming naturally and I’m singing great! It’s a duet and our voices are blending perfectly. It’s all going as planned I just have to hold on until the last measure. As I begin to sing the last few measures a smile forms across my face and I know it sounded great! The crowd loves it and I’m taking it all in one heartbeat at a time.

I realized something that night. The hairbrush works. It’s like I had been repeating a positive affirmation over and over again every time I sang into that hairbrush. I had imagined and actively practiced my way into a first time successful live performance. I wouldn’t call myself a natural yet, I still had a lot to learn and I went home praying that I would get that chance. Most addictions are cured through a lot of restraint, self-control and a withdrawal phase. I did not want to be restrained or withdrawn. A few weeks later I was given more and this time more songs to sing. I was doing it. I was becoming the live performer that I imagined myself to be. Our next gig was just two weeks away.
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Author: Alisha Sabin

Alisha is a professional singer and is currently singing in the live band, Bonne Nuit.

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