The Best Guitar Strings; Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings

The best guitar strings I have used with my collection of electric guitars are Dean Markley Blue Steel strings.

Regular Electric Guitar Strings
Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings

   I’m a Musician and can play a large variety of musical instruments. People always ask me “What instrument do you play?” and rather than explain how many instruments I can play and risk looking like a egotistical fool I just tell them “The Guitar”. The guitar really is my best instrument. I love it the most and I play it better than any other instrument I can play. Even though I’ve played in bands on keyboards, bass and various horns I am a guitar player.      Continue reading “The Best Guitar Strings; Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings”

The Best Vocal Mic (for the money) Shure Beta 58A

The Shure Beta 58A is the perfect combination of quality, value and performance in a vocal microphone.

    I’m the lead guitarist in my band. I also sing. I sing lead on a lot of the songs and I sing backup on most of the rest. It doesn’t matter what instrument you play, being able to sing is going to increase your value exponentially.    Continue reading “The Best Vocal Mic (for the money) Shure Beta 58A”


  One of the biggest hurdles to playing a live concert is equipment. Sure you may have a guitar and an amp, but what if it’s not powerful enough to fill the room you’re playing in? It may sound great in your garage but will it fill up a room that can hold 300 people? You’re going to need some way to run it through the P.A. System. The same goes for drums, keyboards and singers.

  In the Equipment section I will be looking at various pieces of gear that are essential to playing live. I’ll discuss their uses and great ways to get the absolute most out of what you have. I’ll discuss some equipment that you can pick up that won’t kill your budget too. 

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