Shufflin’ Noah – Fudgie The Dog (a concept album)

   Yes this is it, the much talked about and heavily requested live concept album by the experimental rock group Shufflin’ Noah. This album is titled “Fudgie The Dog” and as it’s name implies is about a dog named Fudgie. So how did Shufflin’ Noah come to record this landmark concept album? To explain that you must know a little bit more about Shufflin’ Noah.

   Shufflin’ Noah is a band from Utah that was started by Live Musician Central author Matt Rushton with some of his buddies from High School. Matt Rushton, Tom Warnick and Kyle Johnson all attended Pleasant Grove High School way back in the 80’s. While attending college they hooked up with a great drummer from New Jersey named Frank Lee and Shufflin’ Noah was born.

   Shufflin’ Noah released a commercial CD in the 90’s and toured around Utah until they got tired of the constant grind of gigging. So they retired to Matt’s home studio and began writing fresh new original music. As time went by and the members became extremely familiar with each others unique playing style Shufflin’ Noah evolved into a full on live improvisational group. Often recording entire albums in one evening while improvising all the music and lyrics. Sometimes it was crap, but, sometime the results were stellar!

   So that is how “Fudgie The Dog (a concept album)” came about. Shufflin’ Noah wanted a new challenge and decided to record an entire album worth of songs in one evening based around a concept. That concept centers around the life and misadventures of a dog named Fudgie. Now Shufflin’ Noah is releasing “Fudgie The Dog” to the world. It’s a fascinating album made all the more incredible when you consider that not a single note or word was written in advance. The album was recorded as it was improvised and created live in the studio. You can listen to soundlips of every song on the album on our Shufflin’ Noah album release announcement post.

   For all you Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier owners out there, you should know that every note of guitar on this album was played with a Fender Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster through the Cyber-Twin SE amplifier. Click the link to check out a track-by-track listing of Cyber-Twin SE sounds used on the album.

   Don’t miss your chance to own this amazing piece of art. Click below for your chance to download the entire “Fudgie The Dog” concept album for the mere sum of $5.00 USD.

Download "Fudgie The Dog" (a concept album)
Download "Fudgie The Dog" (a concept album)
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