Download Free Cyber-Twin SE Preset Patch – LMC Triple Delay

Download LMC Triple Delay, a free Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier sound patch preset.

Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier
Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier

  Here’s another great Fender Cyber-Twin SE patch from Live Musician Central for all you Cyber-Twin SE owners out there. I’ve always been a huge fan of using timed delays on my guitar. I’m a huge Brian May fan and also a big fan of  The Edge from U2 both of whom are masters of using delay on their guitars. Just check out Brian May’s guitar solo on the Live At Wembley Stadium DVD for a great example of working with a triple delay for some really fun guitar harmonies.

   That brings me to todays preset patch for the Fender Cyber-Twin SE. The Cyber-Twin SE has a killer tape echo setting that is perfect for creating timed delays that have a beautifully chorused sound as well. Fender has incorporated a great simulation of tape head Wow and Flutter that gives a sweet detuned chorus effect along with this delay. So I’ve used that feature to great effect in my Triple Delay patch.   Continue reading “Download Free Cyber-Twin SE Preset Patch – LMC Triple Delay”

Dowload Free Fender Cyber-Twin SE Patch – Hi-Gain Solo

Download a free Fender Cyber-Twin SE sound patch for your amplifier. This one is titled LMC Hi-Gain Solo.


Fender Cyber-Twin SE Front
My Amplifier - Fender Cyber-Twin SE

   Today on Live Musician Central I’m posting another one of my custom programmed preset patches for the Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier. This one is titled “LMC Hi-Gain Solo” and it is an extremely high gain distortion. Since I have the gain on the main amplifier and the built-in overdrive cranked so high the patch can get quite noisy. I have compensated with the noise-gate but you will have to use the volume knob on your guitar to get complete control over this sound. I have assigned the Continuous Controller and the Expression Pedal to the gain controls on the amp and the overdrive so you can tame it down using pedals if you wish. I use this sound exclusively for solo’s when playing live and the noise in the patch isn’t noticable in a live situation. If you record with this preset then just use a noise gate on your channel and it sounds fabulous.

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