Live Musician Central Weekend Album Picks 7-26-08

   Every weekend Live Musician Central picks some of the best new releases along with some “must have” albums. I pick music that is very popular since there will be a better chance of more people being familiar with it. When your band plays a gig it’s always best to play music that as many people that are there will be familiar with. The music I pick is geared toward dance and dance rock bands. So here are the Live Musician Central weekend album picks for the week of 7-27-2008.

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Live Musician Central Weekend Album Picks 7-19-08

   Here are this weeks album picks. Here at Live Musician Central I focus primarily on new releases but I also include some fun stuff and a few personal favorites.

   The new releases are intended to keep you on top of what’s happening in the music industry. A lot of the new releases here are the albums pushed the hardest by the industry. This helps your band in several ways. You can listen to what types of music the industry is pushing the hardest and see how your band compares. It also helps your cover band by giving you a selection of new music to learn that is going to be heavily marketed. That should translate into more people being familiar with this music at your gigs. So even if you decide to simply play it on your iPod you’ll have some familiar music for your audience.

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Song Selection by iTunes Top Songs

   It’s tough deciding on what songs to play for a lot of reasons. There’s always going to be somebody in the band that absolutely loves a song. They’ll bring it to practice and say something like “We HAVE to play this song”. More often than not, somebody else in the band will hate the song or be very ho-hum about playing the song.    Continue reading “Song Selection by iTunes Top Songs”