Shufflin’ Noah Releases “Fudgie The Dog” Concept Album On Live Musician Central

Shufflin’ Noah releases their landmark concept album “Fudgie The Dog” available for download on Live Musician Central.

Download "Fudgie The Dog" (a concept album)
Download "Fudgie The Dog" (a concept album)

   Live Musician Central is proud to announce the release of the new album “Fudgie The Dog” by the band Shufflin’ Noah. Live Musician Central author Matt Rushton is the lead guitarist and one of the principle singers and songwriters in Shufflin’ Noah. The “Fudgie The Dog” concept album was recorded live as it was improvised in Matt’s home studio. The entire album was recorded in one 2-hour session where the only planning consisted of 5 or 10 minute conversations between takes about what Fudgie would do next. The music, lyrics and melodies were all made up as they were being played and there are no overdubs or re-takes on this recording. You will hear some bad notes and the band is loose at times but things come together in a really pleasing way overall.   Continue reading “Shufflin’ Noah Releases “Fudgie The Dog” Concept Album On Live Musician Central”

The Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster – My Favorite Guitar

Loaded with features right from the factory, the Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster is the best guitar you can buy.

Matt With American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster

   Being a guitarist in a live band, I’m constantly asked “What guitar do you play?”. The truth is I have a modest guitar collection of about 12 guitars so I play a lot of different guitars. But there is one particular model that stands out above the rest. That is my beloved Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster. I actually have two American Deluxe Strats and A Jeff Beck Signature Strat that is very similar to an American Deluxe Stratocaster. The two I’d like to talk about today are my 2004 50th Anniversary American Deluxe Stratocaster and my 2005 American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster. They are both very similar to each other and incredible guitars.

   I got the 50th Anniversary American Deluxe Stratocaster when it was released in 2004 because I had always wanted a collectible guitar and I love the Stratocaster. My Jeff Beck Signature Strat had been serving me well for about 9 years and I was looking for another good guitar. The reason I got the American Deluxe version rather than the American Standard version was because I absolutely love the feature set that is on the American Deluxe Stratocaster.

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Carl Verheyen Discusses The Fender Stratocaster

Fender American Stratocaster

   This is a really good YouTube video of famous guitarist Carl Verheyen discussing what he looks for in a Stratocaster and why the Stratocaster is his favorite guitar. I agree with Carl that the Stratocaster is the best electric guitar ever designed. Carl is not only a world famous session player but is also a very accomplished live musician who has been a member of Supertramp as well as his own live performing groups. This video lets you see Carl in action.

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Guitar Collecting

Fender American Deluxe 50th Anniversary Stratocaster
50th Anniversary Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

   I am a guitar player so it goes without saying that I love guitars. I have 14 guitars and I would still like to have more. It’s really hard to pick just one favorite because they all have certain things they do well and each guitar comes with its own special vibe.         Continue reading “Guitar Collecting”

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