Carl Verheyen Discusses The Fender Stratocaster

Fender American Stratocaster

   This is a really good YouTube video of famous guitarist Carl Verheyen discussing what he looks for in a Stratocaster and why the Stratocaster is his favorite guitar. I agree with Carl that the Stratocaster is the best electric guitar ever designed. Carl is not only a world famous session player but is also a very accomplished live musician who has been a member of Supertramp as well as his own live performing groups. This video lets you see Carl in action.

Carl Verheyen Demonstrates His Stratocaster

Fender American Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar 3-Tone Sunburst Maple Fretboard Fender American Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar 3-Tone Sunburst Maple Fretboard• New bridge with improved bent-steel saddles for increased resonance and sustain • New tinted neck treatment for a richer look • Thinner finish undercoat lets the body breathe and improves resonance • New Fender-exclusive SKB molded case • Beautiful new finish options The Fender American Stratocaster Electric Guitar is a Fender icon. Juicy upgrades include a richer, deeper neck tint for a more elegant and expensive appearance. Glossed neck front for improved looks with satin back for smooth playability. Bent steel Fender saddles with classic look and great tone. String spacing narrowed for modern playability, saddle height screws re-sized to reduce rough feel, and string slot on saddle elongated to reduce string friction or breakage. Copper Infused Cast Strat® Bridge Block (steel with copper- 100% metal) for increased mass and improved tone. This Strat features the original headstock shape but has staggered machine heads losing one string tree and improving string angle over the nut. Custom staggered pickup magnets improve string-to-string balance and give the G-string better tone. Cosmetics include parchment/black/parchment pickguard and parchment pickup covers, knobs, and tips.The return of the American Standard Series Strat continues Fender’s tradition of commitment to the people who play Fender instruments out there in the real world. Today’s American Standard Stratocaster guitars are worthy heirs of their revered ancestors-mindful of player needs and taking full advantage of modern advances, yet remaining completely true to the elements and spirit that made these instruments legendary in the first place. Improvements include redesigned bridges, neck and body finishes, and a Fender-exclusive high-tech molded case. Still there are the beloved hand-rolled fingerboard edges, alnico V pickups and staggered tuning machines for tone and stability guaranteed to last a lifetime (with its limited lifetime warranty)! So make history with the redesigned American Standard!Redesigned American Standard Strat® Bridge Gives sought-after tone with modern smooth trem travel. Block retains the mass and tone of a vintage bridge block, but is chamfered for access to deeper dives. Saddles have the classic look and tone, but with modern improvements (spacing, slot elongation, height screw length).Bridge Component Specifics ‘American Standard’ saddles- The original vintage-style Fender bent steel adjustable saddle is one of the components that give vintage Fenders their tonal ‘mojo’. Fender conducted tone comparison tests, and fell in love with them all over again. They have a wider tonal range and more character many other saddles. Then Fender improved them; narrowing the spacing to afford more room (and complement the bigger frets and rolled edges), and also elongated the string slot to reduce friction and string breakage, while improving the string break angle over the primary contact point.’Tone-fusio

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