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A Classic Performance From Sister Rosetta Tharpe

   After playing music for so many years and being in the business I do tend to get a bit ho-hum about all the greatness out there. I start saying “Well, another Van Halen clone…yawn.” Or “Wow, 500 notes per second…snore.” Then something truly great will catch my attention.

   I was perusing the Guitar Player forums and forum member Bejeeber put a link up to a classic live performance from Sister Rosetta Tharpe. The entire performance is great and it’s a must-watch from beginning to end. What really blew me away was her guitar solo that happens at 1:20 in the song. Watching her play I saw some Chuck Berry and how she influenced Jimi Hendrix, and Prince in her very unique style. Just from watching this performance I was touched by her musicianship. It’s such a great contrast seeing this nice choir lady wailing away on a devil horned Gibson SG Custom and singing about the lord. You gotta check it out!

Sister Rosetta Tharpe & Choir – Up Above My Head

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