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How To Listen To A Shoutcast Stream With Winamp Or iTunes

I’ve been doing some live online broadcasts of my live band lately using Shoutcast. Shoutcast is a technology that allows anyone to broadcast audio from their PC to the Internet. Shoutcast broadcasts in MP3 or AAC+ format and can be played by Winamp, iTunes or the somewhat unreliable mini-player at Shoutcast.com. Broadcasters using Shoutcast can have their station listed in the Shoutcast.com Radio Directory.

I’ve had a lot of listeners complaining that the Shoutcast Mini Player has been crashing browsers and computers. So today I’m going to write a tutorial on how to listen to Shoutcast Radio streams using either Winamp or iTunes.   

The first step is to download and install either iTunes or Winamp on your computer. If you have an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad you will most likely already have iTunes installed on your machine and you can use it to listen to Shoutcast Radio streams. Click the links below to download your player of choice.

After downloading, simply run the downloaded file to install your preferred player.

How to connect to a Shoutcast Radio stream using iTunes

1.) Go to www.shoutcast.com and hover over Help and then click  Settings.

Shoutcast Help and Settings menu.

Hover over "Help" and click on "Settings"

2.) Then select the button for “Play SHOUTcast stations in default media player ( eg: Winamp/iTunes/Windows Media Player)

Shoutcast setting for default media player

Select "Play SHOUTcast stations in default media player"

3.) Select your connection speed then click Save Settings

Shoutcast Save Settings

Select your speed and click Save Settings

4.) Go to www.shoutcast.com and type in the name of the station you’re looking for in the Search box. In this example we will be connecting to Bonne Nuit Live.

Shoutcast Station Search

Click "Play" button by the station name

5.) When Shoutcast finds your station (Bonne Nuit Live) simply click the Play button by the name of the station and the stream will open in your default media player.


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