Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass

This is an incredible deal on a really good Acoustic-Electric Bass guitar, the Michael Kelly Firefly bass.

Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass

Since discussing playing an acoustic gig in yesterdays post on Live Musician Central I figured I should talk about an excellent solution for bass players. I’d like to point you to the Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass. It’s a very affordable acoustic bass guitar and is an incredible bargain for the price. It can be very difficult to find an acoustic bass that sounds good unplugged but the Michael Kelly Firefly really sounds good unplugged. Of course, it’s on-board electric pickup gives you the ability to plug in and that’s where this bass really shines.

There are a number of excellent features on the Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic Bass. The back and sides are both made out of flame maple wood which looks fantastic and is my favorite sounding hardwood. The top is Spruce, which is an excellent tonewood for that lively acoustic tone. The neck is rosewood and has 22-frets. The cutaway body gives you easy access to the upper frets and the low action makes it possible to play on those upper frets comfortably as well. One thing I really love about this neck is the double truss-rod system. It has two adjustable graphite truss rods so you can keep that neck nice and straight. The fact that the truss rods are graphite keeps the neck weight down and helps keep the entire instrument balanced.

The electronics are a Shadow LC3 pre-amp with Volume, Bass, Treble, and Midrange sliders as well as a Phase Switch. It’s a really good sounding pre-amp with some decent tweakablilty built right in. The guitar really does sound it’s best when you’ve got it plugged in.

It comes in Natural, Transparent Black or Sunburst finishes and the picture doesn’t do that transparent black finish any justice at all. The transparent black is truly beautiful. For $299.99 just can’t go wrong with the Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar.

Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass Sunburst Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass SunburstThe Michael Kelly Firefly 4-string acoustic bass is an affordable bass that sounds great unplugged and has the electronics for easy amplification. A spruce top and deep laminated flamed maple body give it a bright and beautiful tone. It’s a looker and the price is beautiful, too.

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