Equipment Protection – The Furman PL-Plus II Power Conditioner

Furman PL-Plus II Power Conditioner with Voltmeter

   Being a guitar player and using very voltage sensitive amplifiers, I have always struggled with getting good clean power to my equipment. Bad power can cause all sorts of problems from strange noises to complete equipment failure. Today I’m going to recommend the power conditioner I use on my guitar rig, the
Furman PL-Plus II Power Conditioner with Voltmeter

   Before I got the Furman PL-Plus II I had several consistent problems with my power. There are several clubs I play that have a bad buzz that comes down the power line. The Furman PL-Plus eliminates that with its RFI/EMI interference filters. They stop the noise from neon lights, fluorescent lights, motors and radio transmitters. If those noises are coming down the power line, the Furman will stop them. I also had a problem with power drops and spikes causing my digital effects to momentarily reset causing a complete dropout in my sound. It was horrible! The Furman also solved that problem. The Furman PL-Plus II has been protecting my equipment and cleaning up my power for a few years now. I have never had a problem with power since I’ve had it.

   Another sweet feature I really like about the Furman PL-Plus II is the 20 LED front panel voltmeter that gives you instant visual feedback on voltage levels. I have used that meter to detect low line voltage caused by plugging too many amps or lights into the same circuit. I am honestly surprised at how often I use that voltmeter to spot check line voltage.

   The Furman PL-Plus II also has two integrated front panel lights with a dimmer control to light your effects rack front panel. It’s come in handy on those front panel buttons and knobs that are not lighted on my effects units. I don’t know how I made it for so long without rack lights.

   Just follow the “Buy” link below and you can read all the technical specs about the Furman PL Plus II. I highly recommend it as cheap protection for your valuable equipment.

Furman PL-Plus II Power Conditioner with Voltmeter Furman PL-Plus II Power Conditioner with VoltmeterThe Furman PL-Plus II Power Conditioner with Voltmeter is all about safety for your expensive pro audio equipment. An advanced Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) circuit provides rock-solid, maintenance-free extreme surge suppression with zero ground contamination thanks to Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT). A front-panel meter provides precise monitoring of incoming AC line voltage from 90 to 128V. Unit has 8 rear-panel outlets and one front-panel outlet, a 15-amp rating with circuit breaker, retractable LED rack lights with on/off/dimmer control, BNC back-panel connector for gooseneck lamp with front-panel switch, and a front-panel circuit breaker. Fits in one rack unit and comes with a 10′, 14-gauge, heavy-duty power cable, and 3-year limited warranty.Furman’s Series II power conditioners feature the Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) circuit and the exclusive Linear Filter Technology (LiFT). The maintenance-free SMP+ surge suppression handles the most extreme transient voltage spikes are safely absorbed, clamped, and dissipated without destruction of the circuit. LiFT takes ensures optimal performance through linear filtering with no leakage to ground, protecting the audio and video quality of your signal. Series II units have super-bright, long-life, retractable LED rack lights that produce virtually no heat and provide an extremely long life span. There is an on/off/dimmer control for the lights. A BNC back-panel connector will accommodate a gooseneck lamp for rear-rack illumination. ÿA front-panel switch controls the gooseneck’s operation. The Series II units occupy one rackspace each and have a convenient front-panel mounted outlet.A master switch controls operation of the rear outlets, and the front-panel circuit breaker can be quickly and easily reset should the unit be overloaded. The Series II conditioners come with a 10′, 14-gauge, heavy-duty power cable.

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