Make Equipment Hauling A Breeze With A Mini Cart

The rock n roller mini cart makes loading your musical equipment in and out of a venue a breeze.

Rock n Roller R6 Mini Cart
Rock n Roller R6 Mini Cart

One of the biggest things I dread about playing in a live band is hauling equipment in and out of the gig venue. I have hauled more equipment up stairs and ramps than I care to remember. I always hoped I would get rich enough one day to afford my own roadies to haul my equipment. That’s only happened a couple of times so it’s usually me that has to carry my gear in.

That’s why today I’m recommending to you an excellent mini cart designed to fold extremely small for stowing in your vehicle yet is still strong enough to have a hauling capacity of 500 pounds. This cart is called the Rock n Roller R6 Mini Cart and it’s a real back saver for all you live musicians out there.  

There are a ton of great features built in to this excellent cart. Some of my favorite are the fact that it folds so small and can easily fit in my car when I haul equipment. I like it’s multiple configurations and the two I use most are the stair climbing configuration and the four wheeled rolling cart configuration.

When the cart is set for climbing stairs it looks like a standard hand truck and the stair climbing sliders make it easy to haul a load of equipment up stairs. When I set the cart with 4 wheels on the ground in Gurney mode I can load all my guitar equipment on it and haul everything into the venue in one trip. It’s perfect when there’s a ramp leading to the load-in door.

The cart has an variable size platform that will expand or contract depending on your personal equipment hauling needs. The two big wheels are filled with air so they absorb shock really well helping to protect your expensive equipment.

I really can’t say enough about this cart, you just have to get one to realize how much easier hauling all of your equipment will be with a cart!

Rock n Roller R6 Mini Cart Rock n Roller R6 Mini CartLoad-ins and load-outs are undoubtedly the worst part of the gig. Either you’re sweating before you play or dreading the number of trips you’ll have to make after the gig through narrow corridors, cellars, and staircases, or the length of several football fields. Rock n Roller’s R6 Mini Cart makes load-in a breeze! Instantly transforming into any of 8 configurations, the R6 now features G-Force wheels—high-tech polymer hubs, pneumatic tires with tubes, and roller bearings. They are 40% lighter than the old steel hubs and come in hot colors. The R6 carries up to 500lbs. on a 2-rail frame that extends from 28″ to 42-1/2″ in length with 24″ (front/rear) foldable sides. It rolls on 8″ x 2-1/2″ rear wheels and 4″ x 1″ front swivel casters (w/o brakes). Weighing 25 lbs., the R6 carries huge loads but folds small to fit in the trunk of a compact car.R6 configurations: Storage-Transport, Short Furniture Dolly, Short Platform Cart, Short Hi-Stacker, Long Hi-Stacker, Long Platform Cart, Long Furniture Dolly, And 2-Wheel Handtruck. Applications: Guitar/bass equipment, small drums, small PA’s, DJ, photo/video, general use

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