Beat The iTunes Price Increase and Download MP3’s From

Beat the iTunes price increase by downloading high quality MP3’s from

Download High Quality MP3's From
Download High Quality MP3's From

   As a live musician, one of the most essential tools of our trade is having a good collection of current and “greatest of all time” music. With the advent of the Internet, downloading great music has become as easy as picking a song and clicking on the download button. What’s really great for musicians playing in live bands is the ease of getting everyone in your band to download the same song. It makes things a lot easier when your band is learning songs to be able to send out a download link for the songs you’re learning. As you know, iTunes is currently the largest retailer of music in the United States. CD sales continue to slide as sales of music in downloadable digital form continue to increase.

   Tuesday April 7, 2009 iTunes started charging $1.29 per track for their most popular downloads. It was inevitable that the giant music retailer would boost prices to test the waters and see what music consumers are willing to pay to download their music. My opinion is, lousy timing Apple. With the current huge percentage of unemployed Americans and the declining value of a dollar it just seems ludicrous to jack music download prices up now. I know it’s just the consumer in me speaking but we consumers bear the burden of this poor economy. It was nice to know that you could get a top hit song from iTunes for under a dollar. We felt good because it’s an okay deal and we didn’t steal anything from the artist by downloading illegally. Well don’t despair musicians and music lovers! You have more options than ever for quality, legal music downloading. Today I’m going to talk about the best option of all, MP3 Downloads. has a proven 14-year track record as an online retailer. They’ve grown with the Internet and know how to make their site work well with the technology that’s connected all over the world. You can buy MP3’s with complete confidence from because you know they’ll be guaranteed to work with your player. There are several things I really like about MP3’s. The biggest thing I like is the price. Their top sellers are all priced at $.99 per download. If you download complete albums you can get even better deals than that. I’ve seen full album downloads for as cheap as $.45 per song. So you can obviously save a bundle buying MP3’s at instead of iTunes.

   Let’s look at an example of the savings you can get. Let’s assume you buy 100 songs per year which is approximately 10 albums. At iTunes you would pay $129.00 per year for your 100 songs. While at you spend only $99.00 which is a savings of $30 per year. That’s a lot of savings and you can save even more with all the special download deals that offers. Which is another thing I like about MP3’s. is really pushing to sell MP3 downloads and because of that, they are always offering incredible download deals. You can check out the top deals by clicking the banners on this site.

   There are couple more things I really like about Amazon’s MP3 service. All their MP3’s are encoded at 256kbps which gives you a file size appropriate for all the top MP3 players on the market while giving you excellent audio quality. I’m an audiophile and I can hear too many artifacts in MP3’s ripped at less than 256kbps. Another thing I like is the fact that MP3’s are all DRM free which means you can download the song to your computer and put it on as many MP3 players as you own. There’s no limit and the copy of the song belongs to you. Finally, MP3’s are more universally compatible than the Apple iTunes format. There are hundreds of MP3 players you can buy that will work with MP3’s and they will still work fine with your iPod and iPhone.

   So today I’m highly recommending MP3 Downloads.
You can download with or without the Amazon MP3 Downloader which is great for me bacause I don’t like tons of applications running on my computer. Just click on the banner below to get started and keep a smile on knowing you’re saving some cash!

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