Keep Your Guitar In Tune with Locking Tuners

   I have 2 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster guitars and they’re my favorite guitars out of the bunch that I own. Today I’m going to talk about the locking tuners on the guitars. They’ve made my life as a guitarist easier in so many ways. The main purpose for having locking tuners on your guitar is to help keep the guitar in tune. The locking tuners I have on my guitar are:
Fender Schaller Locking Tuners

They accomplish their goal of helping keep the guitar in tune very well. The way they work is you simply insert the string into the locking tuner, pull it tight and twist a knob on the bottom of the tuner to lock the string in place. Then you clip the string right at tuner and tune the guitar up to pitch. It takes less than a full turn on the tuner to get the guitar in tune because you don’t have to wind the string around the post. This means there’s very little or no slippage of the string on the post. That helps keep the guitar in tune. Another reason these tuners do to keep the guitar in tune is eliminate the need for one of the string trees on the Fender Strat because of their staggered height. As the tuners move from the neck to the end of the headstock they get shorter causing the string to be pulled into the nut better. That means for the Stratocaster you only need one string tree which is a place the strings snag and it causes tuning problems.
Now the thing I love most about the locking tuners is how easy it is to change strings on my guitar now! I can have the strings changed in a matter of minutes. What’s great is you just thread the string, pull it, clip it, give it a twist and you’re in tune and it stays in tune. You don’t have to retune as much because the string isn’t slipping on the post. I love changing strings on my Fender American Deluxe Strats now and I still dread changing them on my double-locking guitars.
   I use a little bit of Big Bends Nut Sauce Tuning Lubricant on the bridge pieces and in the nut slots with the locking tuners and my Strats stay in tune almost as well as my double locking bridge\nut system guitars. And they’re a whole lot less hassle. So that’s why today I’m recommending locking tuners.
   I’m going to list 2 styles for you to check out today. The Fender Schaller Locking Tuners I have on my Strats. Also, there’s a link to the new Kluson locking tuners for 3-Per-Side Les Paul style guitars. Order some today!

Fender Schaller Locking Tuners Fender Schaller Locking TunersBrushed-finish Fender Schaller Locking Tuners provide solid tuning stability by clamping the cut end of the string with a hand-tightened lock screw. There’s no play in the string and you tune normally. A great way around locking nut systems that don’t allow tuning on the fly. Highest quality manufacture, Schaller Locking Tuners are the same tuners used on Fender American Deluxe Series guitars.

Kluson KB3L Keystone Locking Guitar Tuning Machines - 3-Per-Side Bolt Bushing Chrome Kluson KB3L Keystone Locking Guitar Tuning Machines – 3-Per-Side Bolt Bushing ChromeTonePros KB3L locking guitar tuners are 15:1 high-ratio 3 on a side machines with the vintage buttons of our B3 Series in a locking format. B3L series tuning machines are high tech but low profile tuners that lock from the top of the post with simple hand pressure. No tool is needed. Special hardened steel post tops on each tuner provide an attractive and easy-to-use locking mechanism. Kluson KB3L high performance locking tuners are favorites of both top artists and of manufacturers. They’ll feature the classic Kluson vintage back, and have a very favorable weight and mass for tone. New TonePros Kluson Locking Tuners provide high-performance and locking tuning stability without the bulky or heavy formats of other tuners. 15:1 gear ratio, 25/64″ shaft size. Now you can retrofit your vintage guitar with no modification.

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