Planet Waves CT-03 Pro String Winder With Cutter And Tuner

Planet Waves CT-03 Pro WinderTunerCutter

   One of the most essential tools you can have for your guitar and bass collection is a string winder. It’s a real challenge to hold the string in place while with one hand while having to reposition your other hand every time you want to give the tuning head a half turn. The other tools you need every time you change strings are a string cutter and a tuner. Well, the Planet Waves CT-03 Pro String Winder\Tuner\Cutter is the tool for you. You can have all 3 tools right there in your hand while changing strings. The built-in tuner is so handy you’ll wonder how you lived without it before.

   The Planet Waves CT-03 Pro String Winder also has a built-in bridge pin puller. It’s nice to have that for pulling the bridge pins on your acoustic guitar. The string winder is a really handy tool and makes changing your strings so much easier. You can hold the string in position on the tuning peg and with a few easy twists the string will tighten up to pitch. With the built-in tuner you can just watch the string winder while you wind the string and it will tell you when you have the string tuned to the correct pitch. The built-in cutter is very hand and it’s so nice not to have to hunt around for the cutters to trim the string after it’s been tightened to pitch.

   The tuner on the CT-03 has both strobe mode and sweep tuner mode. In strobe mode, the circle of lights will chase each other indicating whether your note is sharp or flat. The lights will slow down and stop when you have the guitar in tune. In sweep mode the LED lights will light up to the left or right of the center pitch to indicate whether you are sharp or flat. When you have the guitar in tune then the green center LED will light indicating that you have the string tuned to the correct pitch. The tuner is chromatic so you can tune to any custom tuning that you want.

   The Planet Waves CT-03 Pro String Winder\Cutter\Tuner is a very handy tool and you’ll love having it in your tool kit.

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