American Idol, Talent or Hype?

   It’s amazing to see all the press coverage and the numbers of viewers that American Idol attracts. I’ve talked to a lot of musicians about the show and I always ask them their opinion. I usually get a mixed reaction with some believing that there’s some real talent on there and some believing that it’s all rigged and that the songs are recorded in advance.    

   My opinion on the subject is this, I think we’re getting the chance to see some real singing talent on American Idol. Now as for musicianship, I don’t know because they don’t really explore that aspect any further than the singers’ own interpretation of the songs they’re singing. But I do believe that it’s live and as honest as TV can get (which may not always be 100% honest, it’s showbiz after all.) Still, I’m hearing some great singing as the contestants get eliminated and I’m honestly impressed with their singing ability.

   I don’t get too wrapped up in the contestants personal stories as I really just care about their performance. I am, after all, a live performance musician myself.  That’s where the fascination lies for me is watching how they deal with the pressure to give great performance after great performance. When I’m out playing a 4-hour gig, I can get away with a dud of a song every now and then but the performers on American Idol face elimination when they do. That’s pressure, and as a performer you deal with it every time you play on some level.

  So I’m located in Utah and I’m really pulling for local favorite David Archuleta. He’s done an amazing job and we’re all hoping he can nab the top prize. If you’ve missed an American Idol episode, you can download them on iTunes. Apple iTunes


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