David Cook Wins American Idol!

David Cook Winner of American Idol Season 7

   It was really a surpise that David Cook won American Idol. Especially given how much the judges loved David Archuleta’s performances. Archuleta even won over Simon Cowell on the final performance episode.   

  It will be really interesting to see how far David Cook can take his career. How will he handle his fame?  I guess we can all just sit back and watch the David Cook drama unfold. I just hope he’s able to retain his good humor and not be taken down by how difficult it is being a celebrity in our American society.

  As for me, I really don’t care so much about celebrity as I do musical ability. I hope David’s new CD will let him stretch his chops out and grow as a musician. I am pretty stoked that a guitarist won American Idol. It would be great if he could develop some songwriting ability. I hope he is able learn the ins and outs of the music business so it doesn’t just grind him up and spit him out.

  David Archuleta is still my personal favorite and history has shown that the 2nd place finisher could very well be the more successful of the two. I’m sure David Archuleta will be releasing a CD and touring. Let’s hope he can take this shot and really turn it into something huge. On the upside he’ll have more freedom to do what he wants than David Cook will. I can tell you for sure that David Archuleta is HUGE in Utah.

  Time will tell, as for now, good job and good luck to both David Cook and David Archuletta!!

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