Sunday Funnies – Schfifty Five, aka. Fifty-Five

   Here’s a classic YouTube video from a band called Group X. The song is atually titled Schfifty-Five and it’s classic euro-trash punk. The song will not leave your brain after you hear it and the video is hilarious. That girlfriend….oy!                    Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Schfifty Five, aka. Fifty-Five”

Sunday Funnies – It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

   This is the wacky video that started the catch phrase “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!” which has since been featured on the television show “Family Guy”. This video cracks me up because it’s such aweful free style rap. That being said, it sticks in your brain just like peanut butter. Enjoy!

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Sunday Funnies – Eric Clapton Shreds with Carlos Santana

   For todays Sunday Funnies I’m putting up another great “Shreds” video. This one features a guitar duel by Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana. It’s really funny because BluesMK (the author of the vid) took the time to replicate Carlos and Eric’s different guitar tones.

   I think it’s a funny example of their contrasting guitar tones. The PRS with the tube screamer is definitely a nice contrast to Claptons mid-boosted Strat. At one point Carlos throws down “Crazy Train” then gives Clapton the “Let’s see you do it!” stare as Clapton tosses off a standard blues lick in response. Nice to see Carlos give Randy Rhodes a little nod there. The 2/4 country style jam at the end is hilarious too. The playing is, of course, aweful…           Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Eric Clapton Shreds with Carlos Santana”

Sunday Funnies – Play Bikini Girls!

   Today for the Sunday Funnies I’m pointing you to a really unique web based keyboard. Who doesn’t like pretty girls in bikini’s? Now what if you could compose a song with suntanning bikini girls? Here’s a link where you can not only practice your 8-note major scale you can also write a little tune, record it, play it back and choose from 3 different preset sound samples.

   If you only want to listen to the girls sing, you can just play the jukebox and hear such classics as Beethoven’s – Ode To Joy. So without further ado, follow this link: Bikini Girl Keyboard

Sunday Funnies, Leonard Nimoy – The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins

   Here you go folks, this clip has it all. Spock, pointy ears, great choreography, incredible cinematography, fabulous dance moves and a great tune. Feel free to hum this song all day long!

   I bet Spock got some from that blond too. 😉      Continue reading “Sunday Funnies, Leonard Nimoy – The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins”

Sunday Funnies – Weezer – Pork And Beans Video

   If you’re a fan of pop culture then you’re sure to enjoy Weezer’s new video. The song is called Pork And Beans and it’s fun to name all the cultural references in the video. It’s funny, and it’s cool. That’s a rare combination.   

Click title for: Weezer – Pork And Beans

Sunday Funnies – Jake E. Lee Shreds While Ozzy Claps

    Yet another Shreds video and the solo is pretty darn funny. But what really cracks me up about this video and makes me laugh everytime is see it is watching Ozzy Osbourne clapping! You see him clapping like a loon everytime he plays live but you can’t hear it. So pay special attention to Ozzy’s beautiful clapping on this Rock’n video.

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