Sunday Funnies – These Go To 11

This Is Spinal Tap

   I would like to post the entire This Is Spinal Tap movie for the Sunday Funnies but it’s just too darn long. Regardless, here’s one of my favorite moments from that movie. It’s where Nigel Tufnel is showing his guitar collection and he discusses his custom made Marshall amplifier.

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Sunday Funnies – Robin Trower Makes “The Guitar Face”

   Okay, first of all, Robin Trower absolutely kicks ass playing the guitar. I mean, he’s a joy to listen to. Now that being said, some guys make the funniest “Guitar Face” when they play. It can be the bane of the live musician if you’re feeling it when you’re playing but you look goofy at the same time.

   So if you watch Robin Trower make the guitar face in this clip, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh or two out of it!

Robin Trower – Old Grey Whisle Test

Sunday Funnies – OK Go – Here It Goes Again

   This is one of my favorite choreographed music videos. It didn’t cost a lot to make of course but the time involved working out all those moves on the treadmills and then choregraphing everything must have been a lot. It does take a lot of creativity and at Live Musician Central, creativity counts!

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How To Request A Song From The Band…

Typical Audience Member Requesting A Song

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   I don’t know who originally wrote this but I’ve seen it on a few forums and Blogs. If you’re the author, leave a comment and I’ll give you credit. It’s just so funny I had to post it on Live Musician Central.

How To Request A Song From The Band…

When requesting a song from the band, just say “play …. my song!” We have chips implanted in our heads with an unlimited database of the favorite tunes of every patron who ever walked into a bar and all songs ever recorded so feel free to be vague, we love the challenge.If we say we really don’t remember that tune you want, we’re only kidding. Bands do know every song ever recorded, so keep humming. Hum harder if need be… it helps jog the memory, or just repeat your request over and over again.

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Sunday Funnies – So You Want To Start A Rock Band

   I found this great cartoon over on Calico Monkey, it’s a really cool Blog about cartoon animation written by Will Reinhardt. I thought you’d enjoy this one!


So You Want To Start A Rock Band

Sunday Funnies – South Park Lil’ Rush Intro to Tom Sawyer

   Live Musician Central presents, The Sunday Funnies!

   If you got to see world famous “Rush” on their latest tour then you got to enjoy the South Park gang introducing the classic Rush song, Tom Sawyer. It’s a hilarious intro to one of Rush’s greatest songs. I hope you get a good laugh at the South Park gang as Lil’ Rush!

South Park Lil’ Rush – Tom Sawyer Intro

Sunday Funnies – DJ Spock

   Live Musician Central presents the sunday funnies!

   I believe this is from one of the outtakes from the Season 3 Star Trek episode “The Way To Eden”. By season 3 Star Trek was living on borrowed time and the budget was tight so scenes from previous episodes were often re-used. But they were still trying to break new ground by giving us a glimpse of the future. This scene was eventually replaced with the scene where Spock plays the Vulcan Harp. I think they should re-insert this original “DJ Spock” scene which was filmed long before DJ’ing became so popular.

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Sunday Funnies – Indian Thriller

   This is a music video from India and it’s a take on Michael Jacksons “Thriller” video. The song is an Indian song with Indian lyrics. What makes it funny is Buffalax has taken the time to translate the video into english. It’s not a literal translation though, he has just written what the Indian words sound like in English. It’s really funny! Just so you can see what it sounds like without the translation I’ve posted the original first, followed by the “translated” version. Enjoy!

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