Sunday Funnies – Worst Nirvana Cover Ever

These kids try to play the Nirvana song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but it just doesn’t quite fly.

Okay, it’s not fair to make fun of a live band trying to play a song so I want to point out a few positives here first. This song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is difficult to play because the recording that we’re all used to is so full sounding. But when you try to cover it in a live band, it is really tough to make two notes on the guitar sound rich and full like the recording.

These poor kids don’t even have a bass player and the guitarist doesn’t have his guitar in tune for the two-note riff. So really, all is lost before the singer begins to sing. After the singer starts…well, I’ll let you see for yourself. I will say this though, the drummer has potential!   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Worst Nirvana Cover Ever”

Sunday Funnies – Star Trek Meets Monty Python

Funny video clip of Star Trek TOS set to the music of “Camelot” from Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

  In honor of the new Star Trek movie we’re bringing you this fun little clip of classic Star Trek – The Original Series clips set to music from Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie. Now, when you see the new Star Trek movie you can imagine them growing up into the clowns seen in this clip.     Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Star Trek Meets Monty Python”

Sunday Funnies – Green Jelly “The Three Little Pigs” Video

The classic video to the Green Jelly hit, The Three Little Pigs. Yes, it’s heavy metal!!

  Ahh yes, a classic metal tune by the crazy metal band Green Jelly. This was huge back in 1993 and we used to watch it on MTV all the time. My oldest son used to be scared to death of Rambo in it. He was so scared, all we had to do was say “Raaaambo!” to him and he’d run and hide. Of course he was only two years old at the time.   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Green Jelly “The Three Little Pigs” Video”

Sunday Funnies – Kiss Plays Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Watch Kiss play a smooth cover of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

   It’s sad but true that Kiss has been accused repeatedly of “selling out”. Remember the “Music From The Elder”? This performance of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” is an example of Kiss, yet again, breaking ground and trying out new material. It’s amazing how well Kiss can cover other artists and I had no idea that they could do so well playing standard pop music. I hope you enjoy watching Kiss bust out some killer stage moves to this excellent cover.
🙂   Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Kiss Plays Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up””

Sunday Funnies – Time Bandits “Me And My Shadow” Video Clip

Sunday Funnies on Live Musician Central brings you musician related humor. This week a clip from the movie Time Bandits called “Me And My Shadow”.

   You’ve got to give George Harrison credit for financing the wacked out move ‘Time Bandits’. This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie and I always get a good laugh out of it. There’s just something charming about the “little people” and Napoleon feels it too. Watch this clip and you’ll be singing “Me And My Shadow” all day long!     Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Time Bandits “Me And My Shadow” Video Clip”

Sunday Funnies – John Petrucci With Sterling Ball Doing Guitar Center Session

Sterling Ball trades licks with John Petrucci at Guitar Center. Maybe not a great idea.

  This week on Live Musician Central Sunday Funnies I found this clip from the Guitar Center Sessions. Guitar Center brings in world class guitarists and they get them up there with an interviewer, or sidekick and have them put on a demo of their particular instrument showing off their guitar technique. This clip features John Petrucci, the guitarist from Dream Theater who is truly a master of the instrument. He is demo’ing his custom Music Man guitar made by the Ernie Ball company. Up there on stage with him is Sterling Ball, who is the president and CEO of Ernie Ball. Now, Sterling is not a bad guitar player but I don’t think he realizes the caliber of guitarist that John Petrucci is. Most guitarists wouldn’t dare get up there and try to trade licks with John Petrucci. So it’s hilarious to watch Sterling Ball trying to do and say things that are relevant to what John is doing. I think it’s funny because it really comes off as a big sales pitch to buy Music Man guitars. I got some good laughs at Sterling’s expense. In all fairness, Sterling Ball runs a fantastic company with excellent products, but he may want to think twice about trading guitar licks with John Petrucci.

Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – John Petrucci With Sterling Ball Doing Guitar Center Session”

Sunday Funnies – Larry The Cable Guy Songs

Larry The Cable Guys sings (or tries to) on Live Musician Centra’s Sunday Funnies.

   Today we have a clip of Larry The Cable guy showing off his guitar playing skills during his comedy act. Larry actually can’t sing to save his life, but he tells some pretty funny jokes during the process and has a bitchin’ looking confederate flag guitar.    Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Larry The Cable Guy Songs”

Sunday Funnies – Accordion Hero

Live Musician Central, Sunday Funnies features hiliarious music related content. This week, Accordion Hero!

   Since so much money has been made with the Guitar Hero franchise games of that style are popping up all over the place. For every wanna-be accordion players everywhere, this game is for you. Today Live Musician Central presents…Accordion Hero!!   

Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Accordion Hero”

Sunday Funnies – Pachelbel’s Canon In D Comedy Rant

A humorous rant on how Pachelbels Canon in D is simple and overused in modern pop music.

   This is funny because the guy has a point about how simple Pachelbel’s Canon in D is to play. He also has a funny point about how many times that particular chord progression is used in modern pop music. Enjoy!       Continue reading “Sunday Funnies – Pachelbel’s Canon In D Comedy Rant”

Sunday Funnies – Wafflehouse Prank Call

Group X does a prank call to Wafflehouse. Hilarious dialogue follows…

   Today on Live Musician Central I’m putting up a classic prank call by Group X. It’s not my usual music related funnies but it was too rich to pass up. Group X also has some classic funny songs you can find on YouTube.

Group X – Wafflehouse Prank Call