Save Money With Price Drops On EMG Pickups

EMG Pickups are a great way to give your guitar some extra output power and sustain. Pick up a set today.

EMG Active Pickups
EMG Active Pickups

   Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different pickups in my guitars. It seems like there’s a pickup made for every kind of music under the sun. So if your live band plays country or heavy metal, there’s a guitar pickup that’s perfect for your instrument.

   One of the best heavy metal pickups ever made is the EMG 81 active humbucker pickup. What makes the EMG pickups so unique is their use of a powered onboard pre-amp that boosts the signal of the active pickup. This gives them a very hot output which is perfect for pushing amplifiers into heavy distortion and extreme sustain. Even with this high output, they are extremely low noise.     Continue reading “Save Money With Price Drops On EMG Pickups”

Shop For Used Music Equipment At Musician’s Friend

Find huge savings buying used music equipment from Musician’s Friend. Read this post to learn how to save some money today!

   I’m always on the hunt for great deals on live band equipment. I have no problem at all buying a piece of used gear on eBay but I do wish the warranties were better. It’s tough to find a piece of used equipment that comes with a decent warranty and return policy.

    That’s one reason I like to shop at Musician’s Friend. They have an excellent return policy so you can make sure a piece of equipment is really what you want before you’re stuck with it forever. They have a 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee on anything that you buy from them and that includes their excellent selection of used equipment.

Continue reading “Shop For Used Music Equipment At Musician’s Friend”

Huge Fender Equipment Savings From Musician’s Friend

Save money with Fender Rebates and score some free Fender gear from Musician’s Friend now.

   All of us Fender fanatics can save some serious scratch on Fender equipment right now at Musician’s Friend. They are featuring rebates and free gear on guitars, amplifiers and Fender Passport PS Systems. You can outfit your live band with the best Fender equipment while saving a bundle. With the rebates and free equipment you can score big savings with double discounts on top-of-the-line Fender equipment

   For Bass players you can get a free Fender B-Dec Bass Amplifier with a wide selection of Fender Basses. B-Dec amplifiers are modeling amps built especially for Bass guitars. I have heard them and they can really bring mounds of excellent tone to your already great sounding Fender bass guitar.     Continue reading “Huge Fender Equipment Savings From Musician’s Friend”

Get $100 Rebates On Fender American Standard Guitars And Basses

Get a $100 rebate on Fender American Standard series guitars and basses!

   Here’s a great deal for all you guitarists and bassists out there who are working hard to earn some cash in your live band. Fender is offering a $100 rebate on their American Standard guitars and basses. So if you’re looking for a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass or Jazz Bass then now’s a very good time to save yourself $100. All you have to do is download the rebate form and get shopping.

   Where can you find the rebate form you ask? Just click on any of the links below and you will have the option to print out the rebate form for these excellent guitars and basses.     Continue reading “Get $100 Rebates On Fender American Standard Guitars And Basses”

Hey All You Drummers, There’s Huge Savings On Zildjian Cymbals

Save huge money and get free cymbals during the Zildjian Cymbal sale at Musician’s Friend.

Zildjian Price Drops at  
For all you drummers out there that play in a Live Band, Musician’s Friend is having a big sale on Zildjian Cymbals right now. You can pick up some killer cymbal packs at very low prices. They’re even throwing in some free cymbals during this sale.

   I personally feel like a good selection of cymbals can turn a good drumset into a great drumset. All the drummers I play with have a large selection of cymbals and they really add to the overall sound of the band. So if you’re looking to flesh out the cymbal selection on your drumset, now’s the time to do it.

   The top selling Zildjian A Cymbal pack includes a 20″ Ride, 16″ Crash, and 14″ hi-hats, plus a free 14″ fast crash. It’s on sale for the low price of $599.95. That’s just too good of a deal to pass up! You can find many more deals just like that one during the big Zildjian Cymbal sale at Musician’s Friend. Hurry, because this sale is only going on for a limited time.

Zildjian Price Drops at

Zildjian A Zildjian Cymbal Pack With Free 14 Zildjian A Zildjian Cymbal Pack With Free 14″ Fast CrashThis A Series cymbal pack includes a 20″ Ride, 16″ Crash, and 14″ hi-hats, plus a free 14″ fast crash. Also includes a free Zildjian padded cymbal gig bag ($74.95 retail value).The Classic Zildjian Voice that started it all. These are the cymbals that launched a million drum solos and shaped musical history tried and true musical icons whose history spans centuries and infinite musical styles. A Zildjians are the world’s most popular and versatile cymbals, and for good reason. splashes, crashes, rides, hi-hats or effects, they all explode with a spectrum of tonal colors and excel in any musical setting. They’re extremely sensitive to your particular touch and style, yet capable of producing as much volume as your music demands.

Fender Drops Prices On Musician’s Friend

Fender has lowered their prices on many instruments in their product line. Get them while they’re cheap because these prices won’t last long.

   Musician’s Friend has lowered prices on lots of Fender gear and that’s a good thing, I think. What I mean is, I was looking into these supposed “price drops” and sure enough Fender has dropped prices on certain parts of their gear lineup. I don’t have good list of Pre-Price Hike prices but I do know that the Highway One Strat was $750 pre-price hike and is now $699. So that is indeed a real price drop, but what about everything else you may need in your live band?

    It looks like the bulk of the price drops have happened on the Made-In-Mexico equipment such as the Standard line. But the top-of-the-line premium guitars such as my beloved Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster is still 30% more expensive than last year with no price drop in sight. The top amplifiers are still just as expensive as well so there’s no real savings on Fender’s premium equipment which is what I recommend when buying equipment to use when you play live.     Continue reading “Fender Drops Prices On Musician’s Friend”

Gibson Guitar Deals On Musician’s Friend

Gibson has lowered the prices on their Les Paul Studio and SG series “Faded Finish” electric guitars.

Gibson Les Paul Studio - Faded Cherry Only $999
Gibson Les Paul Studio - Now Faded Cherry Only $799!!

   I am a Fender instruments player and a really big fan of all their musical equipment. But I must say that I’ve been truly disappointed with Fender jacking up their prices resulting in a huge price increase. Don’t get me wrong, I think any company is fully within their rights to charge what the market is willing to bear. I also think it’s fully within the rights of the consumer to shop around for the best deals.

   As you know, I primarily play my Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster’s in my live band. I also own a Gibson Les Paul Custom which I used to play in my live band until they jacked the price up so high I knew I could never replace it if it was stolen or damaged. Now it sits safely in it’s case, un-played and increasing in value which I think is a complete waste of a beautiful guitar. I also have a Gibson Les Paul BFG that is a fun instrument to play but still doesn’t see a lot of stage time. It’s just a little too poorly constructed to stand up well to the rigors of regular live use.

   Still with Fender putting the markup on their best Stratocaster’s so high, I’ve been looking into Gibson again. While checking the current deals at Musician’s Friend I ran across their add banner that Gibson has reduced prices on their American made guitars. So naturally, I checked into it. (Here’s the banner for you to check out)

Low Priced Gibson Guitars at

   As it turns out, you can save a bundle of money on a Gibson Les Paul Studio or a Gibson SG guitar. They’re both American made and possess the legendary Gibson sound that they’re famous for. Now for why they’re so affordable, the finish is crap! The best deals are on the “Faded” finish or as I like to call it, the “half-can of spray paint” finish.

   Before you think that I feel like the faded finish is a bad thing, I really don’t. Because these guitars are intended to be working guitars. They’re meant to be played live in your band. A finish is just going to get beat to hell with regular live playing use so why not start out with a more affordable finish? That’s why I’m recommending these guitars as potential candidates to become your onstage, working guitar. They’re both definitely worth a look.

   If you have more money to spend, you may as well check out the Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue. Just follow the banner below to check it out.

1959 Les Paul Guitar at

Musician’s Friend Earth Day Celebration Green Manufactured Music Equipment

Celebrate Earth Day with green products from major music equipment manufacturers such as Martin Guitars, JBL, Warwick and DW Drums.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturers at

   In celebration of Earth Day 2009, (yes I know it was April 22nd) Musician’s Friend is featuring manufacturers who exemplify eco-friendly manufacturing practices. They’re also highlighting manufacturers that show and extraordinary commitment to humanitarian issues. What does this mean to those of us who play in a live band? The chance to score some very unique music equipment and do our part to help save the planet.

Martin SWDGT Drednought Acoustic Guitar
Martin SWDGT Drednought Acoustic Guitar

    Some of the top music equipment manufacturers feature very creative ways to help keep their manufacturing footprint to a minimum. Martin Guitar company uses wood from well-managed forests as well as using earth-friendly woods such as birch and cherry wood. I’ve seen some truly beautiful instruments made from Cherry wood such as the Martin SWDGT Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar which has solid cherry wood back and sides.

   Make sure you check out the full list of enviromentally conscious products from top manufacturers such as DW Drums, JBL, Laguna and QSC. Just click on the green banners in this post to see the excellent products presented by Musician’s Friend.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturers at

Music123 Equipment Review Contest, Win $250 Dollars!

Review your favorite music equipment at Music123 for a chance to win $250.

   Every live musician I know loves to buy new music equipment. If you’re like me then you want to get the absolute best value for the dollar as well. I don’t mind paying for the best equipment available because I’ve found that if you play the best equipment then you’re skills aren’t being held back by a poor instrument or amplifier. One of the most valuable tools on the Internet for finding the best equipment is the availability of customer reviews. I always read customer reviews before I purchase any piece of music gear. When you’ve read enough user equipment reviews it’s easy to spot the reviews that are written during moments of ‘new gear euphoria’. Any review that begins “I’ve had this guitar all weekend and I love it!” isn’t really going to all that valuable. I personally like reading reviews written by people that have lived with the instrument or piece of equipment they’re reviewing for a while. That’s why the equipment I review on Live Musician Central is equipment that I’ve owned and used onstage with me for some time. It’s for this reason that I find the Music123 Customer Review Contest to be so intriguing.    Continue reading “Music123 Equipment Review Contest, Win $250 Dollars!”

Current Promotion From Musician’s Friend

Check out the current special offers and promotions at Musician’s Friend and

   Musician’s Friend is really good about keeping their special offers and discounts current. Every live musician I know loves to save money anywhere they can. That’s why I try to keep all you readers of Live Musician Central updated on the best offerings from Musician’s Friend and other great online music stores. Today I’m going to link the latest great offer from Musician’s Friend which is currently the Earn Up To $150 In Bonus Bucks promotion. This promotion runs from 1-20-2009 to 2-3-2009 so make sure you get your orders in now! Click the banner below:

   There’s another great ongoing promtion at as well. Click on the banner below to see some of the fantastic deals at