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Beat The Fender Price Increase On Bass Guitars With Deals On eBay

Fender Standard Jazz Bass - Midnight Wine

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   With the recent 30% price increase across the entire Fender product line many Fender products are now further out of reach of the average working musician. Many people are questioning why Fender would increase prices at a time when the economy is so down. There’s one sure way to fight the price increase and that’s to buy used gear. The biggest used gear market on the internet is eBay and today on Live Musician Central we’re going to feature Fender Bass Guitars! Just take a look at the listings below and if you see something you like, click the link and bid on it. You could score the bass guitar of your dreams and save a bundle of money by buying used.

[phpbay]Fender Bass, 10[/phpbay]

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