Jeff Beck Video – Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club 2007 – Angel (Footsteps)

Live video of the great Jeff Beck performing the song ‘Angel (Footsteps)’ at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club in 2007.

Jeff Beck Live At Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
Jeff Beck Live At Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club

   What can I say about the great Jeff Beck? Of all the guitarists in history, he’s my personal favorite. If you listen to his recordings it’s easy to believe that he uses a lot of studio wizardry on his guitar. The truth is, he doesn’t. He uses very little in the way of effects. He’ll have a Wah-Wah, echo and a distortion pedal in his signal chain and that’s usually it. He doesn’t usually use a guitar pick because he prefers to use his fingers to create his amazing sound although I have seen him employ the use of a plectrum when he’s after a certain attack. The big question is, can he create what he does live? The answer is a great big YES! He’s simply an amazing guitar player and everytime I see a video of him perform I just can’t stop watching it.   

   Today I’m featuring a video clip from his new DVD “Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club” which comes out at the end of March, 2009. The song is called “Angel (Footsteps)” and is completely mesmerizing to watch him play it. His use of a slide over the pickups of his guitar is astounding because he never seems out of control or lost when he leaves the fretboard. The backing musicians are: Bass – Tal Wilkenfield, Drums – Vinnie Colaiuta, Keyboards – Jason Rebello. I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did. It truly is a fine example of Jeff Beck playing some of his best guitar.

Jeff Beck – Angel Footsteps (Live at Ronnie Scott’s 2007)

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2 thoughts on “Jeff Beck Video – Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club 2007 – Angel (Footsteps)”

  1. I’m so excited for this DVD .. I’ve been listening to the live album for a while now .. he is awesome live. I can’t wait to see the visual of what I’ve been listening to for this long. He’s a legend .

  2. Yes! Another Jeff Beck fan. Jeff’s the greatest guitarist ever Eli. I’m picking up the Blu-Ray of this concert as it has some incredible bonus features on it. I’m so incredibly stoked to get this concert too. 🙂

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