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Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton Playing Willie Dixon’s “You Need Love” Live At Ronnie Scott’s

   On Live Musician Central this week we’re celebrating the realease of Jeff Beck’s fabulous live concert titled “Jeff Beck Performing This Week: Live At Ronnie Scott’s”. This is truly a monumental live release for Jeff Beck as live concert footage of this quality has been extremely rare for him. The performance has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray with the Blu-Ray version having additional bonus features as well as DTS HD 5.1 sound. You can pick up the DVD from for a mere $9.99 and the Blu-Ray for $18.99 in the Live Musician Central store.    

   Today I’m posting an inspired performance of the Willie Dixon tune “You Need Love” which you might recognize Led Zeppelin borrowed heavily from for “Whole Lotta Love”. Eric Clapton sings and plays his Stratocaster with Jeff on this one and it’s awesome to hear those two trade solos. Enjoy the clip, it’s a classic!

Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton Live At Ronnie Scott’s

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