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Live Musician Central – Weekend Album Picks 5-9-09

  Every weekend Live Musician Central posts up a selection of the top new music releases so you can download them. Whether or not these are the best releases of the week they are the most heavily marketed new music releases by the industry. If you play in a live band it’s a good idea to keep up with the music being pushed by the music industry. These songs are going to be getting airplay in the nightclubs, music television and the radio. If you know what’s being marketed to the public you will stay relevant in the clubs you play. You can either learn these songs or have them on your MP3 player or iPod to play during your band breaks.

   Since iTunes is the top music retailer in the U.S. we include links to albums that are being specially promoted on iTunes. We also include links to Amazon.com MP3 service. Amazon.com MP3’s are encoded at an excellent 256kbps and sound fantastic. They’re less expensive than iTunes and will play perfectly on all portable music players including iPods and iPhones. They’re also DRM free so you can load them on multiple players.

 We also include links to some all time best selling albums so you can keep building your band’s songlist with proven, well-known songs. (Yes, the Wilco banner below is a live concert video for your iPod or iPhone!)
Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes

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