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Huge Fender Equipment Savings From Musician’s Friend

   All of us Fender fanatics can save some serious scratch on Fender equipment right now at Musician’s Friend. They are featuring rebates and free gear on guitars, amplifiers and Fender Passport PS Systems. You can outfit your live band with the best Fender equipment while saving a bundle. With the rebates and free equipment you can score big savings with double discounts on top-of-the-line Fender equipment

   For Bass players you can get a free Fender B-Dec Bass Amplifier with a wide selection of Fender Basses. B-Dec amplifiers are modeling amps built especially for Bass guitars. I have heard them and they can really bring mounds of excellent tone to your already great sounding Fender bass guitar.    

   If you’re looking at buying a Fender Passport PA System you can score some free speaker sounds with your Passport PA System. It’s nice to have speaker stands included in the package because nothing sucks like having to drop a couple hundred more dollars for stands. This is a great way to get the stands for free!

   So make sure you check out the killer deals on Fender equipment because these savings won’t last forever.

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