The Beatles Anthology Reunion Jam

George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited for the Beatles Anthology project and had a fun informal jam.

  Here’s a really cool live jam George, Paul and Ringo did in 1994 during the production of  The Beatles Anthology. The beginning seems a bit uninspired but they really kick it on “Blue Moon Of Kentucky”. The best part is hearing Paul and George harmonize on “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” towards the end of the clip.

Beatles Reunion Jam

  In this one, George, Ringo and Paul discuss Abbey Road Studios as well as some of the recording of Abbey Road the album. I think it’s interesting to watch the slight bit of tension between Paul and George still after all these years. You can tell that George Harrison isn’t intimidated by Paul McCartney at all. It’s hard to tell if George is enjoying himself or not in this clip.

George, Ringo and Paul at Abbey Road

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