Fender American Standard Precision Bass

Fender American Standard Precision Bass

   This is my favorite bass guitar of all time. It’s such a simple instrument with a simple design and setup that it’s surprising how many things there are to love about it. Body and scale wise it’s the bass version of the Fender Stratocaster. When it originally came out in 1951 it didn’t have the excellent body contouring that it has now. They gave the Precision Bass the comfortable body contouring in 1953. The Precision Bass actually helped spawn the design of the Fender Stratocaster. The Precision Bass was the first Fender offering to have the double cutaway design and the body contouring, both of which went on to be incorporated into the design of the Fender Stratocaster. The P-Bass is still selling today, 57 years after its introduction. It has helped shape the sound of all modern music.

   The list of famous bass players is way too long to list. If you want to see a short list of notables, check out the Fender Precision Bass Players Wiki page. I would venture to guess that every famous bass player has a Fender Precision Bass in his collection. Probably one of the most notable P-Bass players and a player that has kept the P-Bass tone very pure is John Deacon from Queen. His Fender Precision Bass has been a signature sound for Queen since the band began. Some great songs from Queen that feature the P-Bass front and center are: Another One Bites The Dust, Dragon Attack, You’re My Best Friend, The Millionaire Waltz, We Are The Champions and Under Pressure. These are all classic Fender Precision Bass Tones.

   The reasons I love the Fender P-Bass are several. First, it’s 34″ scale length gives the strings a lot of snap and a little bit of extra brightness. If you play a  Rickenbackers 33 1\4″ scale length then you can really feel a difference, especially on the low E string. The P-Bass low E feels snappy and alive while the Rickenbackers will feel mushy. The second thing I love about the P-Bass is the split coil pickup. It’s wired like a humbucker but because of it’s split configuration it has a lot of brightness to it. Since Fender has placed the pickup further away from the bridge you get a nice round tone with the pickup adding enough brightness to still sound tight. Third, all the high end Fender guitar and bass necks have rolled edges which are extremely comfortable on your hand. They feel like a neck that has been played for years. Overall, I just love the way the P-Bass looks and feels when you’ve got it strapped on. The contoured body sits perfectly against your body and the bass just feels like it’s an extension of you. It’s not too heavy and it has an alder body which is a very nice hardwood that Fender has used for years.

   So if you’re looking for a great bass that’s versatile, will give you great tone and years of reliable service then you have to get the Fender American Standard Precision Bass.

Fender American Standard Precision Bass Black Maple Fretboard Fender American Standard Precision BassThis American Standard Series P Bass has a vintage body radius and contour for a classic vibe and feel. The body is rendered in premium ash or alder for optimum tone and sustain. Its rosewood or maple fretboard features detailed fret and nut work. The neck is graphite-reinforced and has rolled edges for a broken-in feel from the get-go.HMV Bridge (high mass vintage) increases sustain, provides punchier tone, beefier looking plates and 3/8″ diameter vintage saddles. String height adjustment screws have nylon patches for a tight fit that won t vibrate loose.A 12-gauge cold rolled steel plate machined brass backstop increases mass, enhances top end. Socket head intonation screws are engineered for a tighter fit, and are now more stable. Features Fender®/Hipshot® tuning keys. The work great, and are 30% lighter, minimizing neck dip. Classic 20:1 tuning ratio, cast zinc with aluminum string posts and mounting nuts, and steel clovers. Brass worm gears, steel worm drives.With a thinner undercoat, the American Standard P Bass body breathes easier and has improved sound (more wood influence). Neck pocket paint buildup has been reduced by 40%, greatly improving the wood to wood connection/reaction.SKB rectangular design case, exclusive to Fender, has TSA recognized and accepted locks. Fiberglass reinforced nylon trigger release latching system, indestructible cushioned rubber over-molded handle with flush lock out. Injection molded feet and exclusive arched stacking system.

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