Band Aid 1984 – Do They Know It’s Christmas

A classic video of Band Aid 1984 – Do They Know It’s Christmas. It’s a fine collection of top artists from 1984.

This is one of my favorite celebrity charity get togethers as well as one of my favorite Christmas songs. Spearheaded by Bob Geldof, it features some of the most popular live musicians of 1984. Some of the words are surprisingly gloomy but overall the song is hopeful and has a good message. It’s like looking at old home videos of when your family was young. The people in the video have really changed over the years. Can you dig how cool Sting’s hair looks in this video and how Bono is rockin’ that mullet? I hope you all enjoy it and have a great Christmas Eve tonight!           

Band Aid 1984 – Do They Know It’s Christmas

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