Introducing The EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar

The EVH Wolfgang Guitar designed and tested by Eddie Van Halen, built by Fender.

EVH Wolfgang Guitar
EVH Wolfgang Guitar

    If you’ve been reading Live Musician Central for long then you know I’m a certified Fender products junkie. Don’t get me wrong, I own a Gibson Les Paul Custom and I love it but not as much as I love my Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster. So I was really stoked when I read about Fender building a custom guitar for Eddie Van Halen. That guitar is branded and named the EVH Wolfgang. It’s got some really amazing specs and according to Eddie himself the EVH Wolfgang Guitar is exactly the same as the instrument he plays live. In an interview for Guitar World magazine, Eddie is quoted as saying “The Wolfgang is a culmination of my 35 years of experimenting with guitars. Everything that I’ve destroyed, stumbled onto, learned and experienced in my journey to get to where we are now is in this guitar.”

   There are some really killer features on this guitar that add an incredible amount to it’s playability. Tuning stability is provided by an EVH branded Floyd Rose locking tremelo and a Floyd Rose R2 locking nut. The Floyd Rose bridge also features Eddie’s patented D-Tuna drop D tuning system. The tuning machines are EVH-branded Gotoh tuners custom made for Eddie Van Halen. The pickups are double-potted, custom-wound EVH humbuckers that were chosen for the guitar after 80 other pickups were tried and rejected. The master volume and tone controls are run with two Bourns low-friction pots 250k/500k. These are great for playing the volume and tone knobs like Eddie does. Another fine feature is the 12-16″ compound fingerboard radius which makes fast fretting a breeze. The neck also has a unique dual graphite reinforcement rod system to stabilize the ultra-thin neck. Scale length is 25-1/2″ which is the same as a Stratocaster so you can really get that pop in the strings which is unique to that scale length. The frets themselves are made out of stainless steel which give a very bright sound and hold up really well.

   The EVH Wolfgang is really an amazing guitar and it should easily live up to all the hype. The prototypes of this guitar were used every night on-tour for over a year. Eddie was quoted as saying “I could have just stayed home and built this guitar for myself. I do this because a lot of people ask if they can get what I use. Well, yes you can and what you get is identical to what I use.” – Guitar World Magazine

EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar Tobacco Sunburst Quilted Maple Top EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar Tobacco Sunburst Quilted Maple TopThe EVH Wolfgang electric guitar represents 2 years of intense research and development, and a year of brutal testing on the road. With every aspect examined and upgraded to the highest standards, the EVH Wolfgang has been produced to Eddie’s exact specifications and has features identical to the Wolfgang guitars he records and performs with. Including a distinctive double cutaway body with an arched AA maple top on a lightweight basswood back, a quartersawn single-piece AA bird’s-eye maple neck fitted with stainless steel frets, double-potted custom wound pickups, five-piece binding on the matching body and headstock, custom-made signature tuning machines and Floyd Rose bridge with the patented EVH D-Tuna drop D tuning system, and Bourns low-friction pots.

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  1. Guitar is great, but dont use Ernie Ball Cobalt strings as I found out the floyd drop D will bring the low E into perfect tune for drop D due to tention of string probably due to material of string, use regular strings etc.

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