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I can’t stress enough how important it is to know some music theory. It’s really not that hard to understand music theory and once you get a basic knowledge you can apply it in many ways. Having a working knowledge of music theory has helped me in my songwriting and my ability to communicate with other musicians. Music theory is like learning to speak the language of music and it’s a very easy language to learn. Once you know it then you can really communicate with higher level musicians. Knowing how to determine what key a song or chord progression is in has helped me immensely when I’m jamming with other musicians.
I think the biggest benefit that comes from knowing some music theory is that it can get you out of a corner when you’re stuck. I know I’ve been writing a song and I just couldn’t find a chord that would fit with what I was writing. By having a knowledge of scale and chord theory I was able to think of several chord options I could use and then try them out and see which sounded the best. This has saved me many times when I’m writing music.

   I’m not going to go into a long music theory lesson on this page but I’m going to point you to an extremely powerful FREE website. The website is Ricci Adams’ Musictheory.net. The formal address is www.musictheory.net .

   Ricci has created free music theory lessons on levels from beginner to advanced. If you spend the time and go through all the lessons you will have an excellent working knowledge of music theory. Even if you do one lesson here and there from time to time your music theory knowledge will increase. I give Ricci Adams’ Musictheory.net my highest reccomendation. Please check it out.

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