Jellifish Chorus Guitar Pick Review

The Jellifish Chorus Guitar pick won’t make your guitar sound like a 12-string, but it will give you a lot of effects for a decent price.

Jellifish Chorus Guitar Pick
Jellifish Chorus Guitar Pick

   I’m always looking for interesting and innovative products to try and and possibly use when playing in my live band. So I took a great interest in the the Jellifish Chorus Guitar Pick. The sales material says that you can get 3 trademark sounds from this guitar pick. Chorus, which generates a 12-string like effect. Pluck, which is like a hammered dulcimer. Bow, which sounds like a cello. So naturally I had to order one and give it a try.

   I’ve got a great story about my experience with ordering the Jellifish from Music123. I ordered several different picks from Music123 that I had been wanting to try out including the Jellifish Chorus Guitar Pick. When my order arrived, the Jellifish pick had been damaged in shipping and the metal tines had become bent which put a serious damper on the picks intended uses. So I called Music123 to request a return authorization and the simply said, keep the damaged one and we’ll send you a new Jellifish pick free of charge. That, in my opinion, was excellent customer service. I didn’t have to go through the hassle of returning the damaged pick and I got 2 picks for the price of one. I was able to bend the damaged pick straight enough that it would work even though it didn’t work as well as the undamaged one.     

   Okay, now about the pick itself. The pick is simply a row of different length guitar strings fastened to a handle which is held like a guitar pick. The strings on the pick feel like standard ‘D’ strings and you can use them many different ways while picking. I have to warn you though, this pick is somewhat fragile and you can’t get overbearing with it. The package says to use a featherlike touch and this is very true. If you go easy on the Jellifish, it should last a good long time.

    Does it make your 6-string sound like a 12-string? I would have to say that it makes it sound similar to a 12-string. The pick does a good job of creating that illusion but it definitely won’t make your 6-string sound just like a 12-string. Does it pluck like a hammer dulcimer? It sort of does, but again it’s not an exact replication of a hammer dulcimer. Does it make your guitar sound like a cello when you use it to Bow the guitar strings? Again, you can kind of get a bowed cello-like sound but it’s not exactly the same as a bowed cello.

   The question then, is why get yourself a Jellifish Chorus Guitar Pick? The answer is simply to create new and unusual sounds from your trusty old guitar! Everyone wants to make new sounds from their instrument. If you sound different from the millions of other guitar players out there then you set yourself apart from the masses. Any tool that helps you create your own signature sounds is a good tool.

   The Jellifish Chorus Guitar pick will give you a lot of different ways to create new sounds. Yes you can Strum, Pluck and Bow with the Jellifish pick. The sounds are definitely unique because of the picks construction. You will be able to coax a lot of new and interesting sounds out of your guitar with this fascinating guitar pick. In summary, I think that the Jellifish can give you many new picking effects. You just have to experiment a little bit to find them. For that reason, the Jellifish is worth the money.

Jellifish Chorus Guitar Pick Standard Jellifish Chorus Guitar Pick StandardA unique and incredibly versatile mechanical tool for any stringed instrument, it lets you add all types of sound effects to your arsenal without additional gear.

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