Which Beatle Are You Quiz

Take a fun quiz to find out which Beatle most matches your personality.

Which Beatle Are You   With the realease of the new ‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ game there has been a ton of hype around all things Beatles. Let’s face it, The Beatles changed Rock-N-Roll forever. At the beginning of their career, what really carried them, was the simple fact that they were one of the best live bands of all time. They’re one of my personal favorite bands and I’m really stoked to get the new game and give it a spin. The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle has been getting 4 Star and 10 out 0f 10 reviews all over the internet.

   One of the great things about The Beatles was the fact that they were truly a band but at the same time were made up of four very distinct personalities. So, to celebrate the release of ‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ I’m linking to a fun quiz titled: Which Beatle Are You?        

   If you’re on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the abundance of quizzes you can take based on subjects as diverse as “which Gilligan’s Island Character Are You?” to “Which President Of The United States Are You?”. Well, I’m sure you know that quizzes on Facebook are rife with viruses and malware.

   The quiz I’m linking to today is from a safe website that won’t load your computer up with malicious code. So, click on the links or the picture, take the quiz and find out Which Beatle Are You? Oh and, no surprise here, I’m George Harrison!! (I wouldn’t be any other Beatle.)
Click the link –>Which Beatle Are You?

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