Complete Portable P.A. System Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V

The Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V is an excellent P.A. package package that has everything you need for your live band.

Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V
Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V P.A. System Package

   If you play in a smaller live band such as a 2 to 4 person group then I’m sure you understand the need for a smaller P.A. system. A lot of acoustic duos will go out and play with a small amp, a couple mics and a pair of small speakers. But with a larger 3 or 4 person group I’m sure you’ve learned that you need more than just a  little 4-channel powered mixer head and a couple of speakers.

   I’d like to talk about an excellent P.A. system for smaller groups of two to four people. The Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V is a complete P.A. package that will have your smaller group completely covered for all your P.A. needs. At the heart of the system is an dual-channel, 500 Watt per channel, powered mixer that has 8 total microphone inputs. The really nice thing about the EMX512SC is the added bonus of four of the eight channels being able to function as either mono microphone inputs or stereo line inputs. This gives the amp/mixer a total of 12 input channels.    

   Four of the input channels are dedicated, phantom powered mic inputs while the other four can be used for either more microphones or as stereo instrument inputs. A great way to set this mixer up is to use 4 mic inputs for vocals and then stereo inputs for a guitar, keyboard, drumset and bass. This amp head really does have your whole band covered if you’re using an electronic drumset. It seems like it always has just enough inputs to get a small band hooked up.

   Another thing I really like about this powered mixer is the built-in compression control for the 4 primary microphone channels. Everyone knows that vocals can get out of control with wild dynamic swings and the built-in compression control will tame down peaks while giving you the ability to boost the vocal volume to the front of the mix. That’s really invaluable and it’s a nice addition to the built-in effects unit which includes reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser and even distortion.

   This mixer is also loaded with two graphic Equalizers, one for each 500 Watt channel. The built-in FCL (Feedback Channel Locator) system will help you custom tailor your EQ settings to any room you play in. It gives you visual indicators for which frequencies are causing feedback so you can set your EQ’s to eliminate feedback problems.

   The Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V P.A. package comes with two Yamaha S115V club speaker that feature a 15″ woofer and 2″ tweeters. These are proven speakers in live situations and they give excellent frequency response. The speakers are perfectly matched with the powered mixer. I love the fact that you also get two SM12V 2-way floor monitor wedges with 12″ drivers and 2″ tweeters. Having excellent floor monitors like these will really help your band stay together and keep in tune. Also included are two speaker stands for the main P.A. speakers that will help you direct your sound for the best audio performance.

   The Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V P.A. package comes with four decent Audio-Technica M4000S handheld dynamic microphones. These are good, solid microphones that will certainly get the job done in most live situations. Please remember that there are no mic stands included in this package so you’ll want to pick up any mic stands you may need.

   To round everything out, you get all the cables you need to hook up the microphones, the main speakers and the P.A. speakers. That’s a lot of cable and it’s a great deal that they’re all included in this package.

   Yamaha is known for excellent quality musical products which are extremely reliable. The Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V P.A. package is one sweet system for your band and it should last for years. Everything you need for your band P.A. system is included and I highly recommend it.

Yamaha Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V PA Package with Monitors Yamaha Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V PA Package with MonitorsWe’ve put together this great PA package to serve the needs of musicians with demanding ears and impoverished budgets. Combining selected components that integrate seamlessly and represent excellent bang for the buck, this package consists of a Yamaha EMX512SC 8-channel 500W powered mixer, a pair of Yamaha S115V 2-way Club SRS V speakers, 2 Yamaha SM12V 2-way 12″ Club Series monitors, 4 Audio-Technica M4000S dynamic mics, 4 Livewire 25ft 16GA speaker cables, 4 Musician’s Gear 20ft LO-Z mic cables, and 2 Musician’s Gear standard speaker stands.Yamaha EMX512SC 8-Channel Powered MixerThis durable, lightweight mixer has dual 500W amps, 16 Yamaha SPX effects, built-in graphic EQs, and loads of input options.

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