You Need A P.A. System To Play A Gig

Review of Behringer PMP6000/B1520 PA Package and Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V PA System including powered mixer, microphones, monitors, speakers and cables.

Behringer PMP6000/B1520 Pro Mains And Monitors P.A. Package
Behringer PMP6000/B1520 Pro Mains And Monitors P.A. Package

 In a live band there are certain things you need when you play a Gig. The biggest and most important is a Public Address system. Without one you will not be able to amplify your singers properly. You just can’t get away with running the vocalist through a guitar amplifier.

   You can build a PA System from the ground up or you can purchase a PA Package that will include everything you need to get your band out there and playing gigs. I’m going to tell you about 2 starter packages that will get you out there ready to play. The first system I would like to tell you about is the Behringer PMP6000/B1520 PRO Mains & Monitors PA Package.
    This PA package has a 1600 Watt powered 20-channel mixer, 4 speakers with 2 intended for use a monitors, 4 microphones, 2 speaker stands and all the cables you need to get everything hooked up. It’s a nice package especially for the extremely low price. I like the fact that you get 4 full sized 2-way PA Speakers with this system. The intended use is to use 2 of the speakers as monitors. This will work although these types of speakers can be prone to feedback when you point them at your band. The upside is you could always pick up a couple of floor wedge monitors and then use all 4 speakers to point at the audience. The mixer also has a Feedback Detection system that makes it easy to adjust the equalizer to remove frequencies that are feeding back. The mixer also features two studio grade 24-bit stereo effects processors to enhance your band’s sound. It’s really a great deal for all that equipment. As always with Behringer equipment, make sure you register for the warranty.

Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V
Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V P.A. System Package

    The next complete PA system I would like to point out for you is the
Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V PA System.    The Yamaha system is very similar to the Behringer system with a few major advantages. It comes with 2 main PA Speaker and 2 floor wedge monitors, 2 speaker stands, 8 channel powered mixer, 4 microphones and all the cables you need to get hooked up. First of all, I really like floor monitors. They work really well and the way they are angled when they sit on the floor removes a lot of feedback problems associated with monitor. One advantage that you get with the Yamaha mixer is the built in compression on the first 4 channels. This really tames down singers that haven’t quite gotten the hang of moving away from the mic when they’re singing loud. It also really helps when you mic your drumset. The Yamaha mixer also has a feedback channel locator system which is great when you’re fighting feedback on the microphones. It makes life a heck of a lot easier when your mixer is showing where your feedback is coming from so you can make the necessary adjustments. The price for the Yamaha system is about the same as the Behringer system and you do lose some channels with the Yamaha system. Still, you get Yamaha’s excellent build quality. Both of these PA Systems will get you out in the clubs and gigging. They are very essential equipment for playing live music and will be a worthwhile investment. So get a PA, and get gigging!

Yamaha Yamaha EMX512SC / S115V PA Package with Monitors Yamaha Yamaha EMX512SC / S115V PA Package with Monitors

We’ve put together this great PA package to serve the needs of musicians with demanding ears and impoverished budgets. Combining selected components that integrate seamlessly and represent excellent bang for the buck, this package consists of a Yamaha EMX512SC 8-channel 500W powered mixer, a pair of Yamaha S115V 2-way Club SRS V speakers, 2 Yamaha SM12V 2-way 12″ Club Series monitors, 4 Audio-Technica M4000S dynamic mics, 4 Livewire 25ft 16GA speaker cables, 4 Musician’s Gear 20ft LO-Z mic cables, and 2 Musician’s Gear standard speaker stands.

Behringer PMP6000/B1520 PRO Mains & Monitors PA Package Behringer PMP6000/B1520 PRO Mains & Monitors PA PackageThe PMP6000/B1250 PRO Mains & Monitors PA Package provides you with plenty of quality gear to get you going in the live arena. You get a Behringer EUROPOWER PMP6000 20-channel powered mixer, 4 Behringer EUROLIVE B1520 PRO 15″ Speakers, and 4 Behringer XM8500 Microphones. To make it a more complete package, you also get 4 Gear One XLR microphone cables (20 feet each), 4 Gear One Speakon Speaker cables (20 feet each), and 2 Musician’s Gear Standard Speaker Stands.EUROPOWER PMP6000 Mixer The Behringer EUROPOWER PMP6000 Powered Mixer (2 x 800W stereo, 1600W bridged mode) produces even more power than previous mixers while maintaining famously low weight and high efficiency.

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